Invega crime against humanity

This invega and the one who created it doesnt have a sense of humanity
I have been up and didnt get sleep for 6 days already and didnt sleep a bit!!

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I sleep like a baby on Invega.

Me too, my sleep is pretty good.

Try to stop invega you will see what i am talking about!!!

How long were you on Invega?

i have been on it for 4 years

you stopped invega and now you cant sleep?

I stopped invega since 20 days and now i cant sleep

were you taking the oral medicine?

oral and injection

So you havent had an injection in almost 50 days?

around 48-49 days

you may have a point, i had a hard time sleeping when i quit meds last time, also when i did sleep i couldn’t sleep through the night, get into a deep sleep, and had nightmares for 2 months. im on invega now, but risperdal caused me the same problem when i quit.

oh, did you stop invega with medical supervision?

i told my doctor i was going to throw myself out of my building if he didnt stop my medication and he agreed

When I stopped my meds, Abilify, I had insomnia for some time then it stopped and I was able to sleep off meds.

thats strange. you should be tapered off invega, and if danger to self hospitalized.

self hospitalization costs a fortune i would rather not tell anyone about what is happening it costs 1200-2000$

But I dont recommend stopping meds especially if you had more than 1 psychosis. I ended up having a second psychosis, being hospitalized and had my diagnosis changed from brief psychosis nos? to schizophrenia.

if you don’t go off invega gradually you will have bad withdrawl effects.