Intrusive thoughts and Antipsychotics


Has anyone here used an antipsychotic to get rid of intrusive thoughts? What did you use? Any other suggestions for getting rid of them…should I up my Haldol?



my antipsychotic doesnt help with my intrusive thoughts much. luvox is an ssri the is commonly used to help ocd. e.g. intrusive thoughts

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I get those to but never thought much about it being related to SZ

Every med works on each person differently. But I take Invega Sustenna (Xeplion in the EU) and have intrusive thoughts very rarely.

I have Abilify and have not been relieved from disturbing intrusive thoughts. Maybe I have a medchange coming up in a month…


I was on Invega also and didn’t have the intrusive thoughts on them but the weight gain was terrible and my face puffed up too so I came off it. I have searched and searched for information about ocd and antipsychotics. They use them as an add on to an ssri but none of them mention Haldol. When I first had symptoms of schizophrenia, I had no intrusive thoughts, they started after I had been put on antipsychotics.


Oh, that sucks.

Sometimes Antipsychotics help intrusive thoughts, sometimes they don’t help so much.
If your intrusive thoughts or images are Rapid or disorganized, Antipsychotics can most likely slow down these kind of thoughts.

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High dose ap = neg symptom zombie. So try to stay on the lowest effective dose.

How do the intrusive thoughts make u feel? If u cant tolerate them I would suggest upping the meds.

Interesting that they started after u got on meds. Some ppl the illness keeps changing and evolving and presenting new challenges over the years.

Or it might be that when the meds are depleted in ur system u get intrusive thoughts as a rebound psychosis caused by the meds…


Hi @eduvigis

Thanks for your reply. The thoughts make me feel terrible, they make me not want to go out. I don’t want to go on more meds but I am desperate. So you think more Haldol will work?


I would talk to the pdoc about it. Hopefully he/she wants the best for you. If pdoc thinks upping Haldol will take care of it then thats probably the best course of action. Sometimes when symptoms are minimal more meds wont have any impact. Then you just have to learn to live with the symptoms.

My intrusive thoughts make me want to hide in the house and not go out as well. If you want to get out and experience life you might want to take care of the intrusive thoughts with meds.

I use clozaril and zyprexia as my antipsychotics but don’t know if they help me with intrusive thoughts, still have them and they cause anxiety panic attacks. I take Clonazapam as my prn and that helps with the anxiety.

None of the medicine ever stopped my intrusive hallucinations. It just sedated me and helped me zombie into taking it day to day. I’m worried that I build a tolerance to medications over time also.

I have the exact same thing, intrusive, unwanted thoughts that come out of nowhere and make me want to stay away from public because they are frightening. My personal feeling is that anti psychotics make them worse as I’ve had periods without them when I wasn’t on antipsychotics. My doc swears that they are from OCD and wants to up my dose of Prozac which usually helps me to block these thoughts out. The only problem is that Prozac can make me manic and I have to be very careful with it. I wonder if the intrusive thoughts are from the atypicals though… Good question!

I’m on Lexapro and so far it’s working wonders on my intrusive thoughts and anxiety. I decided to use it after it got good reviews on

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So lexapro is good? I’m glad you’re having such a good experience with it, have you ever tried Prozac?
I’m wondering which ones better.

I was just wondering what dose of lexapro you are on?

I’m on 10 mg but hoping to bump it up to 20 since I’m a big guy.

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Based on what I read in Wikipedia tonight from ever hopeful anti psychotics are rarely used in the treatment of intrusive thoughts. Anti depressants are the drug of choice along with therapy.

Seroquel is good for mine initially, then it runs out. I have intrusive thoughts very frequently.