Intrusive thoughts and Antipsychotics

My antipsychotics and antidepressants don’t get rid of them but I think they might lessen them.

And I think they make me less upset by them. They still happen, but I just think yeah yeah whatevz even though they are upsetting.

Usually the treatment for intrusive thoughts is the use of antidepressants, but most pdocs won’t prescribe them because we run the risk of relapsing with them.

One thing that helped me deal with my intrusive thoughts (they didn’t disappear, just became easier to deal with them) was a beta blocker called propranolol (Inderal). It’s great for anxiety.

Therapy is good too, you are not your thoughts and there are ways to live with them in the best way possible.

I’ve been on propranolol, it’s works pretty quickly. Just don’t expect it to get rid of the emotional side of anxiety. It mainly works on the physical (rapid heart rate, fight or flight response).