Intrusive thoughts again

I imagine a picture in my mind that is intrusive, usually highly embarassing or what others thinking its perverted. They( people who monitor my thoughts, people I don’t know) tell me the picture I’m picturing. I don’t want these pictures/thoughts. I only can get better if someone doesn’t “read” my mind. But even people saying reading other people’s mind is not possible, I still have this happen to me. Besides meds. what are some techniques to block these thoughts? I don’t have any privacy. Someone is looking into my mind 24/7. I was thinking about going to a psychic so they could tell me real people are doing this to me and how they are doing this. I used to not see pictures in my mind but it has only become worse. People want to murder me for these intrusive thoughts I have been seeing. I get a lot of comments from others like they saw the pictures in my head. I get comments like “does anyone really think like that?”

Finding your own visual way to protect your thoughts is helpful. It has to be something you fully believe in. Make the mental block permantent. If you believe in energy and chakras then you can visualize a sphere that surrounds you made of chi and nothing can escape unless you give it permission to.

I used to think everyone could see what I was thinking in word form not picture form. So if I read a lot, and say, Treasure Island is in my head… then anyone reading my thoughts, would actually be reading Treasure Island. Therapy helped me with this one. But I still read a lot and if I ever feel like I’m though broadcasting, I try to think of a book and the I see if anyone else thinks of a book.

But there was a guy in my group who had a small stack of really nice postcards and when he thought people where peeking in, he’d look at the post card and put that image in his head. So if anyone was peeking into his head, they would see a nice sunset or sailboat.

He said he would do this so the people reading his mind didn’t know what he was really thinking. It also calmed him down to look at a nice sailboat on a tranquil ocean.

i used to struggle with this but to b honest, these days i really couldnt give flying ■■■■. i don’t believe in it anymore and if i’m wrong?
i don’t give a ■■■■ anyway. i’ve got so many voices that whoever is listening, couldn’t actually listen or they wouldn’t be able to live their lives in a proper manner, definitely not vreatively. how would they learn a script with with mine and countless other voices in their minds, how could they take direction, live, laugh love. nah, it’s just not happening for me at all. try some different meds if it bothers u that much. u have only ur voices to lose. i’m gonna experiment with a few different ones just to c if anything works. if it does then great, if it doesn’t then i’ve lost nothing by trying have i. u’d b wise to do the same. xxx