Intrusive memories

How do you deal with this? Almost every day I have flashbacks from my psychosis last year. Today it’s about a tattoo artist whom I wrote about a tattoo and he responded very rude so I called him to apologize! So ashamed! So f***ing stupid…I am trying to collect new positive memories but I remember EVERYTHING from my psychosis…It’s so embarassing :frowning:

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It is embarrassing. When I get worked up, I send everyone all these texts and emails. It’s always humiliating.

I think we have to accept that we are afflicted. We have to trust that other people understand. We can explain it to them when we can.

At my counseling office the other week, I had to be walked down a back staff hallway. I was talking about airplaines I could hear and shapes I could see. I closed my eyes and stopped on the steps. I know staff saw me. I am embarrassed. But I have to tell myself they understand. I want to write them each a letter and explain myself.

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yes, I also try to apologize but they just cut me off :confused:

I felt embarrassed about my psychosis too. But as time passed that feeling went away. I think it’s a sign you’re getting better and a natural feeling to have in the beginning.

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