Interrogating voices

Hi so my voices or voice because it’s one of them are hurting me physically and interrogating my every move see the thing is that they strike fear when they interrogate I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve already beaten them and they don’t respect the law and here we go with the memory erasing guess I really struck a nerve there

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Do you feel like you lose memories as part of your schizophrenia symptoms?

Yea I think it’s the voices

I get sick of the narrating. My voice does that a lot.

You’re doing great just by being on here and making this post.

The voices will try to be jerks. You don’t want to listen to their junk.

Ignore the voices. Don’t engage with them. Try to keep your mind occupied with whatever you like(books, movies, friends, etc…) it’ll help a lot. You ignore them by focusing on something. If you ignore them, you’ll feel better. They’ll get weaker too.

Ignoring them would be helpful but they like to force the talk out of me.

How do they do that?

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