Voices vs voices

proxy one of my voices is being abused by the other voices. They claim that they are ■■■■■■■ her up. I don’t know what to do but report it to my schizophrenia chat. I wish i could do something else.


My voices sometimes pick on each other aswell, I tell them off when they do that!

I like turning them on each other. Helps to pass the time. They don’t come from anywhere but my own brain. They won’t leave, so I’ve been learning to screw with them and make the voices skitzophrenic, themselves. See how THEY enjoy arguing with themselves when they can’t get away from ME.

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lmao that is just the funniest thing iv’e herd.


Try it. It’s great. If you’re mean enough to the shits for long enough, they start being nice to you and agreeing with you on stuff. They hurt you? Fine. Hurt em back. They’re just voices.

I try to make them all love me because most of them are girls. But i don’t have any luck because they are just crazy, I wish i knew how to relate to them but i just end up being a jealous prick.


Ouch. Sorry. Try practicing conversations with the voices in your head to get better with the real situations?
Lol. I keep thinking if I make mine hate me enough, they’ll leave me alone. Then I start hearing the,“I’m your brain, I’m your brain. I can’t leave you alone, you’re stuck with me, ■■■■■■■, this is what your brain thinks about, moron,” crap. Smdh. I tell my brain it’s not me. He flips out again. Vicious cycle.


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