Interpret Dream


yesterday before bed I prayed. I prayed that I can’t continue being good with the people that insults me, I pray Jesus to allow me to act tough on those who are willing to take advantage of me.
today I saw a dream that I was in the woods, and all of a sudden something appeared on my left shoulder, I thought it was a spider, I had a knife I tried to cut so it will loosen its grip, but it turned out to be some type of a wild cat, the wild cat was bleeding on my shirt and I woke up from my dream.


Good for you Mindwhisperer - dont let anyone take advantage of you. You are a good human being.
When I was psychotic in my past, many people took advantage of me, they still try to take advantage of me now while I am stable. Stand your ground when others try to run you over - not being too aggressive about it -
Good for you! :smiley:


A dream about hurting something you didn’t intend to hurt. Maybe you’ve overstepped boundaries somewhere? Lashed out and received unexpected consequences?


Maybe it’s a reminder that they are flesh like you, and can be hurt. People are just like you and get there feelings hurt. If someone is outright rude to you, be a little rude back. Sometimes though, people don’t intend to hurt you. Try to distinguish between a perceived slight and a real one.


When people try to take advantage of me, not because of my personality they take advantage of me because i look vulnerable under antypsychotic medication. But now as i lowered the dose, and i feel 50% less sedated, now i am going to defend me and if its neccessary i will fist fight without worrieng that that anger will trigger my psychosis