Yet another dream of getting lost

Or perhaps better to say nightmare. These seem to be a regular theme of my dreams/nightmares although it’s not always easy to recall details . This one i stumbled onto a house looking for help and they seemed very nice at first but then they made it clear they wanted to kill me. Woke up just before the servant overpowered me and slit my throat.

I keep having dreams of people chasing me and me having to leave town.

i mean this in a nice way,
sounds to me the dream is showing you that you have trust issues, that you think the worst and then the ’ worst ’ happens, i think we can manufacture our own nightmares.
take care

But we are lost.

I don’t think it’s a dream but our reality.

A house in your represents your body.

Do you feel betrayed that your body has betrayed you?
Were you frightened and fighting for your life?
Death in the dreams isn’t always literal…it can also mean the end of things as you know them, as in change, and if your “servants” (those who run the house) wanted to “end” you (maybe to change you?) but you escaped before anything happened.
Do you resist change…even though it might benefit you?

I am wary of change.

I had a dream last night that I was in a survival horror game and ready to kill demons in an empty creepy building and then I opened a door and came into a room full of bisexuals from all over the earth, of all ages, races and creeds. I was like wtf and then woke up.

One time I had a dream that my female voice was in person (couldnt see her face) and she was yelling at me (like always) and then the concrete floor started raising to the ceiling and I was being crushed and then I woke up.

that dream made me wonder if my voices were trying to help me? Was the voice yelling at me to get out of the place? I was conflicted.

Now on meds I have less nightmares and more good or just weird dreams, sometimes lucid (very fun, makes me hate waking up) dreams.

I had another really bad dream last night.
It was about these ghosts or spirits. But they were solid enough to kill people. And the way that they killed humans was by gripping body parts and spinning them fast so people were just being ripped apart. There was blood everywhere.