Had a difficult night last night

Last night I had a nightmare, that my family was going to travel to Afganistan, and was told that it would be dangerous for them and they might not come back alive, but unfortunately my family did not listen, then I woke up in a panic and someone made think some nonsensical thoughts and I started thinking oh no what if people hear me say these things that someone is making me say and then I felt someone in my body and I was scared about the way I sounded and what was coming out even though it was not me
now I feel terrible and hope to sleep early tonight

Sorry you feel so bad. I dreamt last night I was a priest who got killed by stabbing. But I slept ok.

I believe Alien and Sarah are two spirits in my head but I still sleep ok because I pray and Sarah (good spirit) counteracts Alien (bad spirit). And my paranoia is on and off.

Once when I slept in a separate room from my husband after a fight with him, I hid a knife under my pillow. It was scary thinking he’d come in and kill me but fortunately he didn’t. It was scary though.

Hope you sleep ok. Maybe try burning lavender oil before you sleep?

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I dreamt last night of a aircraft floating in the air shooting at a wall it creeped me out how it was just floating there

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