Mental health dating charities

hi guys, i am a bit annoyed bc it seems that i cannot find any charities that cater for people with mental illness that involves dating, matching up people with mental illness,

i was at a conference/meeting type thing today and they had a charity for people with learning difficulties to help them find dates but nothing for people with mental health problems,

it doesn’t really seem fair, we are the majority so why are we being let down in this area, it is still one of our needs that should be met but its frowned upon, seems like no-one wants mentally ill people dating each other, maybe they think its toxic, i dont.


There is, which matches SZ sufferes up with eachother, among other MI issues.

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I was on nolongerlonely for years there was only one in my area and was to young for me, never had any success on that site

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its no good for the uk tbh and its not a specific charity, its an online dating platform, just a bunch of numbers on a programme

I tried a long time ago and it was dead.
No one on there.

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guys find it harder to get dates than women, like you are lucky to get a date if you are a guy with mental illness :frowning:


Most dating sites have more men then women so hard to find a match

How would a charity be able to help people with mental illness date?

That doesn’t make sense to me.

I’m guessing “charities” means something different than here in the US

You might be right.

i think the way the do it for people with learning difficulties,

they organise events and arrange meets, could be nearby, its just i dont see women going for it, we are just not good enough for them i guess, they have high standards

I belong to a mi charity and they don’t help you with dating but they try to keep you more social.

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Everyone should have high standards.

I think maybe if you got a little job and didn’t disclose your mental illness right off the bat you’d have much different luck.

you wont find anywhere that will help a single guy with mental illness find love, it just doesnt happen but i think it is a very important need, nobody should be single unless they want to be

@anon54386108 you might be right idk but it is just such a shame, there are so many guys out there looking for love and it never happens,

i wish it was easier, if i had a choice of women who could relate to me as a high functioning sz but obviously not totally bonkers themselves i’d much happier

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I used to go to night clubs and bars to pick up women. And there were usually plenty to choose from. Ladies night is the best night to go. You will save money on having to buy drinks too.

I don’t drink anymore so I don’t go clubbing anymore but plenty of people still do. And not all of them drink. A lot of people go just to dance or play pool.

I would feel much more comfortable with that than a website.

I agree,

I met my husband out playing pool.

You just have to get out and go to where the women are.

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Yes. You just have to be careful. If a woman is too drunk she can’t really consent to sex and it can be considered rape.

But drunk people get horny.

Just being brutally honest. Don’t get into trouble.

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