Intense anger

Hi everyone, sorry to bother you. I have this intense anger just can’t get rid. Against the world I think! I just don’t know what to do.

Extreme rage is one of pre symptoms of psychosis. Ask your doc

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Don’t feel too alone. Most sz’s have that. I know I do.

how about kickboxing?

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Therapy? Or just someone you can talk to. Venting is effective for me. I have rage too, but under control mostly…I try not to just think about what makes me angry. I try to distract myself until I can talk about it with someone.


I used to have seething anger at first. Maybe it was mad at myself or pissed at the world.
But I used that anger to get mad at the disease.
Yea sz, you piss me off and I’ll show you that I will prove everyone wrong that think I can’t accomplish anything
after i was diagnosed.

The anger was directed inward before, maybe that lead to suicide attempt?
And you can’t let the anger be directed at any single person so that you could cause harm.
Luckily, I get some warnings when things get that bad and go to hospital to protect self and others.
Well just talk to a doc about your special case.

or as @waterway says try working it off physically.

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When is really bad, i do to the dojo here and would it out, is help by physically moving working it out thought moving, doing something, and doing it safely after doing the kata and i have calmed i spar with my brother if he around or one of the Masters there how both know i have sza and are super cool with me

Walking helps, as does running with my dog, take him to the dog park and just we run to we cannot move and flop on each other, just be safe in what ever you pick to do

Is better than doing a HULK RAGE! broken my hand, attacking walls and door so please do not try that