Insurance Company Therapists


A couple of weeks ago, I got a call from my insurance company and she had me take a quiz…evidently she was worried by my answers because they assigned a therapist (who is a nurse) to me and she calls me once a week…and yesterday when I talked to her…SHE got worried and called up the guy who is on their crisis team…and I talked to him for awhile.
Yesterday I saw my case manager and she said she 's worried about me too. I don’t know what the problem is…Yes, I"m hearing and seeing things…but that’s just life.My meds are not working for me and nothing else works either…I’ve tried them all almost. Maybe it’s just because I need a shower that everyone is freaking out…although the telephone wouldn’t give a report on that.

I don’t know.
I"m having shoulder replacement surgery on the 21st of this month…so I need to stay well.


I hope you get this sorted soon. Over reacting visiting nurses can really throw me for a loop. When they used to come and tell me I needed a lot of help, when I thought I was really starting to pull myself together. I found it to be most defeating. I was SO glad when my sis moved in with me and she was able to sort of diffuse them. Then I didn’t need them anymore because I had someone with me.

Good luck with this. As an odd side note, at least your not in crisis and getting ignored.