Insulin or medicine

For diabetics patients medicine tablets is better or insulin. Today I was prescribed by doctor to insulin injections. My blood sugar is high.

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I never needed insulin, just oral meds. I lost weight though and am almost completely off diabetes meds. I’m just taking 500mg ER of Metformin now


Doctor said Insulin is not dependent on time of having meals. Its only require to inject one fix time daily. And it maintain a constant level of insulin in blood for 24 hours. So it is good than oral meds if sugar level is high.


I’ve never heard that before. I hope you get well soon


It depends on the kind of diabetes you have. For type 2, which is insulin resistance, stabilizers like metformin pills are good.
For type 1, which is insulin underproduction, injected insulin is more effective.
For the rarer types, a combination of the two or a pill for that type might work best.