Insomnia coping

I have just taken twice the prescribed dose of Zopiclone on a GP’s instruction to help me actually get some sleep tonight

I have bought a bottle of red wine to take my tablets with plus a glass for good measure as I see that this makes most of my meds effects drowsy.

I hope to sleep though to my alarm in the morning.

Has anyone else got any tips on beating insomnia? I am pretty deperate to get a full nights sleep and will try anything

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■■■■ it I have just had more wine and more zopiclone

I need sleep

Mate sleeping pills and alcohol sounds like a dangerous combination

I just took more\

I have had half a bottle of red and 8 zopiclone tattles

Zopiclone shouldnt be mixed with alcohol.

@Joker Drinking red wine and sleeping pills is so dangerous. Maybe you should go to the hospital. Let us know that you are ok in the morning.

I am at the hospital and Inwantntonbendischager


I am trying to leave but they said they’d call the police

Thinking of you. It may be where you need to be for now. Take care. I also hope you can get some rest soon. @FadeToBlack

That escalated quickly what made you go to the hospital

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I was forced otherwise they call the police

My meds have been confiscated and I cannot to

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_____That sucks

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Phophatidylserine sunflower version gives deep sleep at night I use Jarrow brand phophatidylserine sunflower version 60 soft gels.

Tulsi tea helps, drink a cup of tulsi tea few hours before going to sleep.

Cut all caffeine based beverages like tea, coffee etc these effect night sleep. Also not nap during day try to remain active and busy during daytime.

I think that is what killed Hendrix, it is pretty dangerous @Joker.

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Using alcohol as a coping mechanism is a pretty bad idea too.

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I’m so relieved you are in the hospital. I was hospitalized for something similar last year. I wasn’t suicidal, I just wanted to sleep! But when you’re that tired, you just aren’t capable of making safe choices. Have you ever gone in for a sleep study?

I will say, ever since starting CBD oil, my insomnia has gone mostly away. Nothing else has ever worked for me. CBD oil doesn’t work alone. I also take a low dose of unisom or benadryl or melatonin, but I no longer need to take over the recommended dose in order to sleep.

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I take 100mg of seroquel a night for sleep. It works well for me. Without it I don’t sleep even with two other meds that are supposed to knock you out. I’m glad you went to the hospital as drinking and sleeping pills does not sound like a good mix. I hope you get some stability soon as I don’t think you are really thinking clearly right now and need to stay close to your treatment team.

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