Scary experience yesterday (TW alcohol) I won't drink anymore

Yesterday I had my risperdon around 9am.
At 1pm I had a couple small glasses of wine. Usually that only gets me a little buzz when I have it on rare occasions around dinner time, but this time it went bad. I mus have had it too soon after taking my meds.

I kept feeling more and more intoxicated throughout the day, and tried to combat it with coffee, soda, food and salty stuff.

Around midnight I felt dizzy and ready to barf, so I took my nightly seroquel, and has soon as it kicked in, the intoxicated feeling went away.

I almost never drink, and now I’m determined not to do so while I take risperdon.

I’ve been having stomach pains all day.
Did I poison myself somehow?

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Alcohol reacts very strangely when mixed with meds. That’s why doctors don’t recommend drinking alcohol. I do not drink, ever, because I don’t want to know what might happen. I’m glad you are feeling better now.

Highly doubt you got any poisoning from a few glasses of wine and some meds.

The main reason doctors dont recommend it is just due to a sedating effect, nothing more. Its a tranquilizer after all.

Meds and psychiatric meds mix poorly. It can be disastrous. I didn’t drink too often, but i still chose to give it up once i started certain medications because it was just a bad reaction and poor experience every time

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I’ve had schiz since 1997. I’ve drank over the years but it never became a habit. Maybe once or twice a month. I never had a bad reaction with my meds but I don’t take them when I plan on drinking. I take my Zyprexa at night before I go to sleep. If I drink I just skip a dose. Zyprexa knocks me out which probably isn’t a good idea when drinking.

You shouldn’t skip a dose!