Insomnia anyone?

I was taking Xanax and I hit tolerance and it quit working for me so I started tapering off of it around May 1st, 2021. Since then, I have had horrible insomnia. It’s been 4 1/2 months since I started my taper. My sleep started to get better about 3 weeks ago (I went back to the gym) but then last night was awful again.

The only other time I had insomnia like this was when I took Latuda about 4 or 5 years ago and was up for 5 days straight. This time it is much longer term.

I take CBD, melatonin and benadryl every night but I am not sure if it helps or not. Any of you deal with chronic insomnia? How did you deal with it?

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I have it frequently. I usually just wait until I can fall asleep.

LED suggested banana tea to me, where you boil a cup or 2 of water with a banana in its peel resting in it, then drink the water. I was told banana peels have tryptophan. I have not tried this advice yet but thought it might be worthwhile to pass along.

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Yeah, I developed chronic brutal insomnia after quitting olanzapine. I am taking 1.5mg clonazepam every night to sleep. I can’t sleep at all, not even a minute, without it. My insomnia is insane.

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Try to have a sleep schedule wake up at same time and so on sleep medicine should be used short term

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I was taking Xanax for sleep too and it stopped working for me. Not only did it stop working but it started causing insomnia so I had to get off it :frowning: . I wish I could keep taking it. It’s taken months for me to be able to sleep 4 to 7 hours without it, but last night was horrible again. I am glad you have something that helps you sleep. That’s awesome.

Yeah, I follow all the sleep hygiene stuff. Good advice.

Yeah, I will probably develop a tolerance to it eventually, but I’ve tried all kinds of other stuff and this is the only thing that works satisfactorily.

I wouldn’t worry too much about 1 bad night, if it starts to happen constantly then that would be something to get help with.

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Well, I have had horrible insomnia since May 1st, 2021. I have only had about 3 weeks of sleep over 4 hours and then last night back to 2 hours again, so I haven’t been out of the woods that long. I hope you’re right. I hope it is just one night and then back to healing and getting better.

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Benzo withdrawal is living hell.


i have had insomnia as a child and adult.

as a adult i thankfully have imovane/zoplicone for it.

i take half a tablet most nights but not all nights.

i try to sleep without it first and if i cant then i take it.

my friend takes 2 tablets every night.
quiet a lot.
he wants 3 but they said no.

some nights my sleeping tablet only lasts 2 hours and then i cant sleep rest of the night.

most of the time i sleep enough hours on my tablet.

gp seems resistant to perscribing while psychiatrists never said no to sleeping tablets but instead suggested it.

i am not seeing a psychiatrist so hopefully my gp will keep perscribing.

if you are resistant maybe you can just swap to another sleeping tablet that does work.


Yup, right here.

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I noticed that you are stacking up sleep aids (CBD, melatonin, benadryl) to try to sleep. You must realize that may put you in danger of an overdose. You need to use just one sleeping med, and wait for the tapering off (with doctor’s help) to end. I am having insomnia tonight myself but it’s the exception rather than the rule for me. I trust my sleeping med at the same dose to work tomorrow night and did get some sleep yesterday so I know I can still sleep. I stacked up sleep aids like you are doing years ago and ended up in the Psych Ward. After going through a bad withdrawal period I listened to jazz music for several days and nights (I was at my apartment and had nothing to do at the time) until I realized I could sleep a few hours at least at times. I then stopped playing with my meds and did things right. I hope you can too. Zanax is one of the worst ones and you may need to go to the Psych Ward to help straighten things out. Just some advice from someone who is confident to be sleeping this time tomorrow night.

I was on Zopiclone for about a month. 7.5/mg/night which I was told was the max dose. It always worked and put me to sleep, the problem was it only put me to sleep for 5 hours and that wasn’t enough for me so I had to switch to 1.5mg of clonazepam.

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