Insomnia and sleep meds

Do you suffer from insomnia?
What is your diagnosis?
And what do you do or take to help you sleep?

I have had insomnia all my life since I was 10 years old. Or in other words, ever since my father came into my room in the middle of the night to molest me while I was sleeping.

I am sza, bipolar type.

I take Delta 8 thc 25 mg to sleep and thats it. Works really well. I also do yoga for a half hour, 5 days a week.


Ive always had serious trouble falling asleep. I take melatonin some nights, it helps.


I stay far away from THC. It use to make me psychotic when I was on Olanzapine. I tried a THC/CBD tincture by accident, I thought it was just CBD, while on my new AP Latuda and I got a buzz, but didn’t become psychotic. I think Latuda is more powerful than THC for me, but I still avoid it. I don’t like the way THC make me feel physically, I just feel anxiety plus a psychotic feeling I can’t describe but I don’t like it.

For sleep I have tried a lot of stuff, I usually mix things to get a good sleep

Trazodone doesn’t work. Tried up to 125mg.

Benadryl is hit and miss but usually doesn’t work and tolerance develops quickly, last time I tried it I took 175mg and didn’t sleep at all.

25mg of Doxylamine succinate works but I don’t sleep for very long.

50mg Promethezine didn’t work.

Melatonin doesn’t really do much. Valerian doesn’t do much either. And other herbs too, mostly useless.

10mg Zolpidem put me to sleep for 4 hours but I developed tolerance after 3 days.

7.5mg Zopilcone works consistently, no tolerance, but only puts me to sleep for 5-7 hours, but it is a low quality sleep.

2mg of Lorazapem put me to sleep for about 7 hours, but low quality sleep.

Gabapentin at high doses 1000mg+ can help me sleep, I usually mix it with zopilcone 7.5mg. Gabapentin increases slow wave sleep so its a better quality sleep, that is why I mix it with zopilcone.

Last 2 nights I took 2mg of clonazepam and that has worked the best, I feel really good the last couple days.

In my case I mix sleep meds to get a good effect. Tonight I am going to take 3000mg of Glycine, 100mg l-theanine, 5mg melatonin, 800mg gabapentin and 7.5mg zopilcone…I’ll probably sleep 7 hours.

My insomnia since quitting olanzapine is brutal. I can’t sleep at all, not even a minute, with pills.

I had insomnia as a child too then periods when it was good a while.

I have insomnia and I take imovane/zoplicone most nights.

Sometimes it doesn’t work mostly it does and sometimes I sleep a few hours then wake up and can’t get back to sleep.

I love sleeping.

My most difficult time is after dinner.
I get a touch of depression and don’t want to be awake just want to sleep so I go to bed early.

I tried nozinan and theralen and that made me drewl.
I couldn’t function on them.

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I take brotizolam 0.25mg and lorazepam 1mg every night and it’s works fine for me but sometimes I have nightmares.

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I just took a 0.5 mg tab of klonipin. Hopefully that’ll knock me out. It’s now a quarter to one AM.

Zyprexa. Used to have horrible insomnia for as long as I could remember. Just racing thoughts and too hard to settle down and sleep. Getting on ap’s helped somewhat but still needed a boost to get to sleep so did xanax for years…

Had a grand mal suddenly stopping xanax and just titrated off it. Last decade I just go to sleep and listen to the radio on my ap. It’s enough to be distracting without being too much information…I used to use a deskfan that was on high and sleep to the drone but nowadays I sleep so much better.


When I was on zyprexa I slept 12 hours a night. Now that I quit it I can’t sleep at all. I recently started takiing clonazepam to sleep.

I bought a google home mini and fall to sleep to the radio but I don’t listen to music. I found I often get a song stuck in my head and can’t fall to sleep. I usually put on a news station and set the radio timer to 20 minutes and fall to sleep to the news. I also have a fan that provides some white noise, plus I like the cool air blowing against me.

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I take 30 mg of Dalmane every night. I can fall asleep but have difficulty staying asleep. The Dalmane helps me stay asleep and get 7-8 hours or so of sleep.

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It did. It knocked me out.


After my phd intoxicated me with 300 mg Clopixol weekly I’ve had insomnia