Insomnia is real bad

My Risperdal gives me wicked insomnia. How does it affect you? Anyone out there take a medication that is not an upper? I’m seeing my doctor today. Thanks.

Latuda is working wonders for me. I take at night with food and i sleep comfortably :rabbit: Im on 80 mg

I take invega shots and sleep like a baby. Zyprexa put me to sleep also.

I take a sleep aid, Trazadone 300 mg and it knocks me out. you might consider that. I am on prolixin (generic fluphenazine)

Thorazine is the best med for sleep in my experience. I don’t take it anymore though.

I just take melatonin. It works pretty good and it’s not an anti-psychotic

I sometimes have insomnia. Last night it was shots of zzzquil and melatonin pill after the other and then a Xanax and somewhere between drugs I jerked off and it didn’t help. Zzzquil is liquid Benadryl. I went to sleep at 4.

I have to workout six days a week and no coffee after noon or else it’s up ■■■■ creek. Like without a paddle with a swarm of bees after me.

I take Geodon, Xanax and melatonin every night. It usually works, if I worked out that day. I ran today and I’m on like 4 hours of sleep so I feel like tonight will be back to normal.

I got to the part where 800 mg of Thorazine was not enough. The only meds that helped me sleep for a long time were chloral hydrate (an anesthetic) and unsafe amounts of Restoril. Spent months writhing in pain and discomfort trying to get some sleep once those meds were exhausted. My sleep returned to something resembling normal a few months ago, and now my 150 mg of Elavil (amitriptyline) and Flexeril (muscle relaxant) put me to sleep. The Elavil is my antidepressant, and I have a nasty spasmodic muscle in my back that I take the Flexeril for. I take the Flex 3 times a day, so I’m kind of mellow most of the time.

I have bad insomnia and have had it since I was about 13. That’s when I first started hearing voices. Idk if it’s the sz or what. I’m on Invega and I stay up all night. Until like 5 am. Sometimes until 9 to 11 am. But once I get to sleep, I sleep for like 11 hours.