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I came on this forum and found other people who were experiencing things I have experienced and suffering in ways that I have suffered and dealing with life in ways that I also do. I have not had any group previously that I could talk about my hallucinations and experiences with before and it’s been really validating and comforting in a sense. But I’ve also come across what I can only describe as elitists, and that really sucks. I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia but have milder symptoms than some on here. I’ve also apparently committed the sin of surviving without meds/aps… We all have our individual experiences, but shouldn’t judge another for being different.


hi hedgehog, sorry you feel like their is an elete around here, you may be right, there is a high functioning element to this forum but i believe as long as people stick to the appropriate topic headers then that makes things a little less fraught, wishing you well x

btw, i could only dream to live life med free but i know i cant, its the only way that i can function, i believe god put this med in my hand so that i can be free, i wish i didnt need it but all i can say about it is that God has a plan for me and i just need to trust him on this, thats what it is about with him i think ‘trust’ have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Agree 100% with everything you said. I noticed people had the same delusions and hallucinations and feelings as me and it helped comfort me. This site has helped me a lot. Some people used to bother me a little but not so much anymore…that was probably on me. Yeah everyone’s different, some needs meds, I know I do. But with meds I’m pretty functional all things considered. Peace :smile:

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You’re going to find this anywhere you go. There are lung cancer patients who think thyroid cancer patients’ cancer isn’t cancery enough.

I’m glad to hear you’ve found a treatment plan that works for you. We have many people on here who, through hard work and benevolent circumstances, are able to manage without meds. I’d caution you against campaigning for this regimen to other posters, as meds are difficult but necessary for the vast majority here, and trying to tempt people off their treatment plans is ill-advised and dangerous. But you absolutely shouldn’t feel like you’re not schizophreny enough to be here - if you’re supportive and genuine, you’re a great addition to the community.

I loved the angel painting you posted a little while back - it was really compelling and I hope you post more.


i feel alien-ated a lot…lol :smiley:
if you do meds great
if you don’t do meds great
what ever works…:heart:
take care :alien:


God bless you, daydreamer, and thank you. I wish you well also, and we should, after what we go through, all wish eachother well. :heart:

Good advice and kind words, thank you. :heart:

I’m glad you’ve found some peace, and hope you continue to do well! :heart:

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I feel alienated pretty much everywhere, so you’d think I’d get used to it, but it hurts every single time. Thank you for helping me feel better :heart:

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I know you are thinking I’m the elitist from our recent squabbling. I don’t mind you not taking meds. I DO however don’t like that you might encourage others to do the same on this forum. Schizophrenics “with more severe schizophrenia” need meds. Plain and simple.


Don’t Give Up With That Idea … ,

Perhaps Naturalistic Meds , Less Side Effects , Perhaps as Weed Gets Legalized in Your Area , There Will Be Better Bottles of Meds and Such and So Forth … ,

Or Even Mary Jane Juana (by) Itself … ,

A Unique Scheduling of Such , Perhaps … ,

Don’t Give Up Completely on Tha Pharmasutical Companies Yet … ,

Naught yet N e Wayze …

hey. Glad you found some kinship on this site. Identifying with people helps. I think it’s great you are managing without meds - whatever works for you.


Thank you for explaining. I’m sorry if I came across that way. I didn’t mean that at all. I’m not the best at expressing myself sometimes. This forum has become very important to me. I have always always been an outsider, and haven’t been able to share my experiences so haven’t had others to relate to in this most prominent portion of my existence. When you proposed that I don’t fit here either it hurt pretty bad. I probably would be more balanced on meds. They literally terrify me, though, and I function on a passible level right now. Peace @jukebox. I wish you well.

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I’m on meds. My pdoc says I need them for a very very long time. I’m the other way compared to you. I’m terrified of being without meds. I’m terrified I will get another episode. That I will have to struggle to learn everything again as I already had to do once. I forgot how to cook, how to do bills, how to manage every day life. I had to in a very slow pace relearn everything. I don’t think I have the motivation to do it over and over. If it happens again maybe I’ll give up on life. It’s no fun living with a feeling of having a brain damage and struggle hard to make sense while talking.

This does not mean I’m more sz than you. This shows we are different. But not worth less than the other in any way. Differances helps us evolve and not get stuck in one way of thinking.

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Differances helps us evolve and not get stuck in one way of thinking. @Comatose, you are so right. I see that I allowed my fear of meds to stop me from evolving in my understanding. I knew logically that some of us need meds, and always said that if I couldn’t gef myself back that I would want meds then. Now, I understand more deeply that meds are not evil, they are not an enemy, but a great resource. Thank you for helping me to understand. I hope and pray for you that you will have a happy and stable life!


I am envious. I wish I could go without these stupid pills… :frowning:

Congrats on your recovery.


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I also wish I could do what I do without the daily meds…

but it’s just not how my cross wired head is going to let me live.

I’m glad others are able to get on track without them.

I have been encouraged by the new meds coming out…

I’m also very encouraged by the articles that have been reporting that lower doses under a doctors care… with therapy… with others support systems has been showing some great results.

Good luck and I hope all stays well.

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Yea tell the doc but they just say no.
So I tinker on my own and get in trouble.
You think I would learn but no. :upside_down_face::rage:

No one is elite here. We are all Equally screwed up. :wink:


Amen :smile:

Sorry you feel this way @Hedgehog, this is a recovery oriented site and sometimes people get frustrated with those that don’t take meds, it’s not meant for you to feel unwelcomed I think. I’m glad you’re understanding the importance meds have for some people. In my case for example, I hallucinated things happening and stuff people said, on top of the delusions that led me to try to commit suicide and the demons I saw… it was a nightmare to live without meds, I couldn’t cope without them, but am extremelly supportive of those that can live without them.

Wish you all the luck