What to do

People remove my threads as if I don’t have the right to express my opinions

The rules and guidelines can be found here

Specifically, pay attention to the part where it says respect and compassion. This is a psychosis forum. People here will ALWAYS think you have psychosis because we have all been in a position of having no insight and doubting our diagnosis. We are trying to spare you the pain we all went through ruining our lives because we refused to take our meds.

When I was medication free, I did great for a while. Then I crashed. I lost my job, lost my apartment, lost all my friends because I was acting like a selfish jerk, and ended up homeless and heavily abusing alcohol to survive. Once I got on meds and in therapy, I was able to get a better job, meet my husband, buy a house, and adopt my son. My life is a thousand percent better because I take two pills.


If you want people to believe you aren’t psychotic, I recommend finding a forum for sane people who have been misdiagnosed with psychosis. Everyone here has psychosis and we assume anyone who comes here also does.


i havent found such a forum yet
im just very lost and confused and trying to figure things out :confused:

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I know you are very frustrated right now. But please keep in mind that the people here have also had that experience. And we got better. You won’t feel this way forever. This is just a blip in the story of your life.

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i do recognize that i have negative symptoms but having had delusions feels a lot more difficult to accept
i feel like i would be a failure if i admitted that ive had them

Yeah. It sucks having to make peace with the fact that you can’t trust your own thoughts. That was the hardest part for me.


yeah… im just so sick of being called delusional and psychotic

Yeah,I know. The quickest way to stop being called delusional and psychotic is to commit yourself to treatment. Right now, you only have first episode psychosis. There is a very good chance this is a temporary condition, and that after about 2 years of medication you will never need meds again.

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Ya youre right, i just hate taking the shot ya know

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I do know. If you are compliant with the shot for 6 months or so, they will probably let you go to pills. Pills are easier for me, because they have fewer side effects in my body. Others prefer the shot because they don’t have to remember their pill, or because the shot stays even in your system longer.

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Yeah i guess
I just want to go off my meds for some reason even though that’s not wise I guess that’s why they wanted me to take the shots

Honestly I thought the same thing I felt so insane but after seeing the people who also are going through this and how they look act trend just like me I’m like whatever it happens to the best of us

I don’t feel insane just inferior

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