Inner voice question

When you think do you hear your inner voice?
(The voice you hear when you read silently to yourself)
I’m scaring myself because when I try to think I can’t hear anything. Maybe that’s why I hear myself think through other peoples voices… I’m trying to hear myself think and for some reason I can’t in my head… I’m freaked out. Please help

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When I experience psychosis, my inner voice is too loud. I’ve been told they’re called pseudohallucinations…what do you mean you can’t hear anything? Like your mind is just a blank?

Sometimes I get that now but idk what to think of it

Focus in something else…your ok…just distract…

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Well I mean I’m techincally thinking … I think … But yes my mind sort of just goes blank.

I’m actually really freaked out by this

Okay I focused in on something. I looked at my fan and said fan. And I heard my inner voice.

But I think this is my problem. I can’t hear my inner voice. So my mind projects it maybe? :confused:

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Sometimes I don’t think about anything. I just zone out about nothing. Kind of like that? I think that’s something that’s relatively normal… Wait what were we talking about again? Oh it just happened again.

Lol no… Its not like zoning out. I’m trippin out over here. I feel like I just figured out what’s wrong with me and I don’t know if there’s a fix for losing your inner voice. I’m gonna sit and try to think for a minute…

“What I mean is that unless I’m either talking out loud or mouthing what I’m saying I literally cannot focus on what it is Im saying and thinking to myself. I LITERALLY CANNOT HEAR MY INNER VOICE I basically am trapped in cycles of repetitive thoughts which pass by at millions of miles an hour, thus causing me to have social problems and an overall lack of confidence due to not being able to focus on what I’m feeling, thinking, and doing. I end up feeling like a zombie and probably acting like one too. When I’m in this state, which is the most of the time, my body is tense my eyes are filled with an extreme amount of pain and all I can really focus on is my nervousness and strain in my eyes. I’m currently on adderall and it has actually helped a little bit in allowing me to focus and have a steady stream of thought which I am in charge of, but I feel it’s negatives are far more detrimental compared to the positives.”

This is exactly how I am feeling


Yup that’s more than zoning out.,…idk try to sing…

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Sounds like me before meds. I’m sorry you haven’t had good luck with meds, but don’t give up/

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When I sing its like I stumble on my words. Its like my words and my thoughts are coming out at the same time.

I always do this at night. I figure out something new about my illness and freak out over it

I’m really freaking out about this inner voice thing

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I love not thinking. It means my ego is silent for a bit. Why does it freak you out?

Because I can’t think… Not correctly at least. I feel dumb. I feel mentally challanged.

Like say you want to list off some things you need at the store in your head… Making a mental list…
That’s really difficult for me. Its like I try to think of a word in my head and I can’t and at the same time I’m realizing I can’t so I panic.

I literally feel dumb. My head is broken.
I also have something telling me all the time that I’m different. That I messed up that last time I did too many drugs… That I’m changed for life. I’m constantly thinking somethings not right.

God I’m so messed up

Maybe try meditation where the goal is to quiet and control your inner voice/thought stream. Maybe will help bring it back when you stop meditating from lack of stimulus. Just a thought tho no real facts to back it up. Poverty of thought and other cognitive impairments are very difficult for me to deal with as well as i love my intellect deeply and feel like at times im loosing it. Are you going thru a depressive episode related to a mood disorder? Thats when it seems worse for me. Like @fractaleyes I do enjoy not thinking so i meditate daily. Somedays are more difficult than others, but you are not broken, you have an illness and must identify strategies for coping to not let it beat you down. Start small. Our condition is rarely ,if ever, easy to deal with but thats what makes us stronger than the others. Because we continue on and have the ability and will to excell in the face of adversity. Stay strong and keep positive.

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Your inner voice is when you’re reading something and inside your head you hear reading a book.

Well I can tell from the way you write that you ain’t mentally challenged, nor dumb. Do you find it easier to think in word or images? I can pretty much only think in images, so that’s why I ask. I also have those feelings that I did a bit too many drugs, but there ain’t nothing I can do about it now. Neurons do replenish themselves eventually, so one day it’ll be like nothing ever happened :sunglasses:.
You are different, but in the best way.



This is a bit difficult to understand.
But when you read a book you can hear inside your head your inner voice .

I said this in my original post. Were you just repeating that?