Injection possibility

I was walking and going and wearing my pants . Could I be given an IM injection . I do have slightl localised pain at the injection site and have gain 2-4 kg over the past week since I suspect. I was injected .

Those that have take. A IM injection can you confirm if it is painful and where exactly the pain occurs ?I

Your having a delusion again. I’m on injections and they are not painful. Injections can also cause sexual side effects.

Can you be injected by someone while you are walking (in movement ) and I was wearing my pants .

It would be very difficult. Do you have any other problems in life other than being injected?

Would there be any blood or mark found post injection at the injection site ?

Yes I have do have problems, Thanks.

When I get an injection sometimes a little blood comes out but its hardly any. There isn’t any mark most of the time either.

Hmm . Can you be injected and not notice it ? I mean is it possible ??

You do feel the injection when it happens. You would notice some one inject you. Your fine man, it’s very highly unlikely that this is happening and your mind is just playing tricks on you.

I can’t just be able to think / sometimes I can’t even force myself to think and right now it is a state of delirium and thoughtlessness and I can’t get myself to think much .

Plus I’ve been eating and craving sweet like crazy over the past week and put on weight .

I also have some pain in my left butt . Sadly I don’t remember the actual occurrence of being injected.

What do u feel is it my illness or I really was pricked ?

The illness can badly effect your thinking. Who do you think is giving you these injections, it sounds highly unlikely. What country are you from?

By my parents . We are all in some legal soup and my parents want me out .

M from a poor place .

Can you please compare how u feel

Before getting the shot ?

After Gettjng the shot ?

And after how long after a depot injection do u notice the change ?

I meant changes in thought ??

The injection I get stays in your body for months and I get it every 2 weeks. So i am on meds all the time. I feel depressed, hate the way I feel, I’ve stopped going out with friends and have sexual side effects. There is no difference between before and after the injection.

It’s sad

Do you notice u r unable to think at all after the shot ??

Any reduction in delusions ?

I can think but I feel slow and not interested in anything, i feel like this all the time. My delusions are completely gone.

Ok so the delusions don’t come down after the shot ?

I don’t have delusions anymore.

Why would injections give you sexual side effects versus taking pills?

Ironically getting on regular medication through an injection would be likely to help with these thoughts that people are surreptitiously injecting you as you move on the street .
Any pain from modern depots is very short lived going away almost instantaneously .

Injections can cause sexual problems, it’s still an antipsychotic. I find I’m very sensitive to meds in this department.