Can you be injected while sitting?

@SzAdmin, this topic has been coming up so regularly that I wonder if we need a pinned post that is a FAQ about IM injections of APs?


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It’s just the same user, continually asking the same question I thought.

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It kind of goes in cycles, same as the TI stuff. :smile:

We could probably use an Aliens FAQ for the next time I hit a rough patch.



I think that would be a good idea .

I’m so sorry. Some parents are just ignorant. I have a friend that is scaring her child by saying the wolf will come and eat you. maybe he might grow up and be afraid of dogs.

saurav posts a variation of this question about once every month - when he’s not doing so well or feeling stressed I think. All we can do is try to allay his concerns and hope that he works with the doctor to optimize his treatment program to minimize these delusions.



Could have sworn there was another using doing this.

Hmph. I’m obviously a victim of thought insertion.

Uh… We need a FAQ for that too?


Yes it is a delusion. How can you not know if someone entered your house , did you pass out or something. Rereading you post…

Just reread : very unbelievable , you said nothing about loosing consciousness , and if you did , you would know.

i think this is just a delusion. i use to have delusions that my parents were poisoning me with pesticides.

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I thought your thread was whether you liked getting injected standing up or sitting/laying down. I find it to be far less painful standing up to get injected. In other news…

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i have not lost conciousness but have become terribly absent minded, forgetful and in delirium.

yeah well its a delusion , I want to say something constructive to you without that being fodder for yet more delusions. So I would say work with your pdoc to get a handle on these problems.

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talk to your doctor and tell him about your delusions

well Ive been doing Intensive therapy for the past 40-45 days and it isnt helping much .

I have tremendous conflicts with my parents unfortunately and they had me admitted to an asylum forcefully once which is definitely not helping me :(…

…So I dont have access to my doctor too…I guess ill deal with this myself now.

Are you against taking anti psychotics? Those would help you get rid of the delusions

Can’t you go to another doctor?

i had taken Anti-anxiety medicine which did tremendously help me. I did not have any delusions the entire next day. I will start on it now.


Atleast the anti-anxiety medicine made me not look for people all around looking to inject me. I was walking all over the city with confidence and without fear of anyone injecting me.

I want to tell you to talk to a doctor and try to take some anti psychotics, they exist for your benefit.

I work in Software creative work…I had taken AP before…I can’t work and execute my projects with them :(…Its true…For example if I need out of box solutions and creative ways to create things.i cannot do it…so i am not taking them…