Increases Risperdal dosage, symptoms worsened?

I went from 0.5 to 1 mg and my symptoms seem to have worsened instead of improved. Has this happened to anyone else? I’m paranoid that someone messed with my prescription at the pharmacy.

The minimum effective dosage of Risperdal is 2 mg. I am not sure if 0.5 mg was providing any antipsychotic benefits actively.

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Really? That’s somehow a relief lol. That means I’ve been greatly recovering on my own. I’ll have to try 2 mg tomorrow.

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Yeah I take 3 mg risperidone and have been told it’s a low dose.

I think 3 mg is an average dose…!!!

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0.5mg to 1 mg wouldn’t do much to help curb psychosis
@Lexicon I would keep in touch with your Doctor
I’m on 3mg of risperidone and this is considered an average dose.

2mg is where you might see some more control over your psychosis.

This gives me hope. Trying 2 mg this morning.