Has anyone taken this long term? What is considered a a average dose? Is 2 mg low or higb dosage daily? Adverse reactions long term?

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2 mg is a low dose.
Long term effects are higher prolactin levels and metabolic effects typical of an antipsychotic like higher blood glucose levels.
I’m on 4 mg of Risperdal and that’s considered a low moderate dose.

Good luck with it!

Risperdal is a good drug.


LS! I have been taking Risperdal for the last seven years. Earlier I also took it for I think six years. I now take 4 milligrams daily. The upside is that I can take good care of my health when I am on Risperdal, like daily exercise. The downside is that I have male boobs, which I might also have just because of my weight. Two cardiologists warned me that Risperdal is bad for the heart. But I like Risperdal and the only alternative for me would be Abilify, which I did not like.

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one time i read on a medical website that the average dose is 4mg. i take 3mg.

2 mg makes my delusion even worse, try something else if it’s not working for you

Risperdal made me pace the floor. I had no benztropine. Best wishes

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I am on 6mg Risperdal and no positive symptoms. Last blood test showed high prolactin. No other side effects.

If I remember correctly from a recent search I did the effective range for Risperdal for Schizophrenia in adults is 4 to 16mg

I read the max risperdal dose is 8mg.

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I found my article again:

The target dose is 4 to 8
the effective range is 4 to 16

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I don’t remember what my dose was when I was on it, but I do remember it made my head bobble up and down. It scared me and I immediately went back to my pdoc

I didn’t care for risperidone. My mood wasn’t that great and it also made me pace the floor. Made me sleep more also. They also said my prolactin was high on it. Some people are successful with it though.

I was on 4mg risperidone for 3 years. Worked pretty good for me and I only got off it because prolactin got too high and stopped my periods… my psychiatrist said too long of that and it could cause osteoporosis. Worked good for me though

I have used risperidone for more than a year i have no long term or usual side effects yet.

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I have been on either oral or depot Risperdal on and off over the past 25 years. I have been on the depot, Risperdal Consta since 2008.

It works pretty good generally as I only get occasional breakthrough residual psychotic symptoms while on it. I have no mood symptoms so it works great for that.

The side effects are many and terrible but I tolerate them: complete lack of libido and orgasmic capacity, akathisia, cotton mouth, high prolactin, complete lack of creative abilities for instance I can’t play piano or write poetry anymore, body shakes noticeable by others.

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Ive been on Risperdal consta 25 mg for 3 months.

I laugh less.

I take 2mg 2 times a day. I have been on it for awhile now

I take my risperidone and it gives me super high libido 24/7 is awesome

I take 1mg daily.