Increased Ability for Visual Thinking

I was wondering if anyone else has noticed an increase in visual thinking. Since my last psychotic break, I am able to visualize or see things better. Before, I could hardly visualize anything. My thought process was more pattern thinking and spatial thinking. I wonder if my severe psychotic break has increased my ability to visualize things. Is this a good thing or a bad thing, in your opinion?


I’ve noticed this starting to happen

I think in patterns a lot. I can just see patterns everywhere. Pattern based thinking increased for me in the last year.

I attribute that to learning music though

After the first psychotic break, there was this girls stupid face whenever imagining my favorite things.

Ya it’s like seeing pictures. I used to think a lot differently. I used to think in lines, space, motion, patterns, squares, etc. The downside is when I get intrusive thoughts that are visual and that are disturbing.