Inappropriate social skills

things not to do in public, apparently it unnerves muggles.
1…don’t stare at there forehead…they are not a cyclops.
2…don’t walk away when they are still talking.
3…don’t laugh inappropriatly, especially at funerals.
4…this one is for SurprisedJ…don’t beat up the guy in the banana suit !?!
5…don’t tell someone that they look ’ chunky '.
6…don’t shout " the aliens are coming " and run screaming down the street.
7…don’t mutter to yourself in public or rock.
8…don’t sniff the bread in the bakery.
9…don’t disassemble someone else’s phone looking for a MI6 bug.

please feel free to add to this list…
take care


Do not have more fun on the swings than the children

Do not tell someone they look like ■■■■… The correct term is “tired” :confused:

Do not follow someone down the sidewalk and then forcefully tell them “I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!” As you pass them


I hated myself the other day. My aunt was describing to me how sick my other aunt was. She has a terrible blood disorder. I blame the SZ, but I started to laugh a bit ( I did a pretty good controlling myself though) It is called inappropriate affect - a direct SZ symptom. I dont mean to do this, I feel low, but I know its my illness


dont squalk like a seagul if someone stands too close.
dont shout go away just ■■■■ off to tesco men.
only wear balaclavas OUTSIDE shops.
dont GROWL at men that look at your boobs.


I’ve actually done many of those. Some of them on purpose so I could get away from what is happening. I have sort of gazed off and walked away when I’m done listening to some people.

To get out of some of my family’s houses, I have muttered to myself and rocked. I have an Aunt who gets really nervous when I do that and she’ll send me home quick when I do that. So, it’s home early from a large family dinner… with extra leftover’s and no hard feelings.

My sis is not sz but she will jump up and down make bird noises in the market to scare people out of her way. Or she’ll dance to overhead music and people will avoid her. We do shop at 10:00 p.m. on a Friday night.

As far as laughing at a funeral? I do have a cross wired head and I do sometimes feel myself getting that cross wired laugh at really bad news. But my family knows my real laugh from my odd, confused cross-wired one.


you and your kid sis are masterminds.
take care

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I almost laughed at my grandfather’s funeral years ago, before I had schizophrenia. The people speaking were talking about forgiveness, and quoting the Bible about forgiveness rather than talking about what a great person he was. He molested me, among other things. I thought this was so funny, because at a funeral you usually talk about how great someone was and how much they meant to your life, but except for my grandmother, I don’t think too many people felt that way about him.


sorry you got molested, what a monster.
i also hate the rubbish people say at funerals, i don’t do funerals, or weddings or christenings or birthdays you get the idea !?!
take care


I haven’t been to a funeral in a long time. Lucky.

I don’t go to christenings… our family really isn’t into that.

I am going to a wedding soon. It’s going to be an odd one. Both the bride and the groom, (my cousin) have a vivid sense of humor.

As far as birthdays… I usually try to avoid them. But my kid sis’s 18th? That one I’m NOT missing.


i think your kid sis’s 18th birthday will be awesome, and i hope you enjoy the wedding, i think if weddings were fancy dress that would be more fun…captain jack sparrow…now that would be cool.
take care


The last wedding I went to was steampunk

As far as Captain Jack Sparrow… well, my sis does have a thing about pirates. It will be on a beach…

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I often find myself smirking when people tell bad news. It’s as though my mind is telling me it’s amusing.Been told though it could be nervous reaction. I wonder how you tell the difference- inappropriate affect v nervous reaction?

It’s interesting to note what people think of as inappropriate social skills. Mine are regarded as very poor but for the life of me i don’t know what i do, or don’t do, that makes this so.
I have never been told you shouldn’t do that or had any help re social skills. Here in the UK, as opposed to US, there is no emphasis on social skills training. If your social skills are poor that’s just the way it is.

Don’t keep going on the internet when you have company
Don’t pick your nose or scratch your bottom in public
Don’t sing out loudly to your ipod round supermarkets etc


I know many people who do all of that all the time and they are not Sz.

@Wave & @firemonkey

I sort of think one causes the other. If I don’t know someone well, and they begin telling me very personal bad news, I do feel a bit overwhelmed and embarrassed and that will bring about my cross wired laugh. I don’t feel like it’s funny. I feel embarrassed and anxious.

If it’s a beloved family member and I’m really upset and nervous for them… I am sad. I feel horrid. I am scared for them. I am close to tears. I feel that teary feeling climbing up the back of my throat, and then I hear that sort of shallow, odd laugh come out of my mouth. I do think nervous reaction creates inappropriate effect.

But also, I will cry at stuff that is really sweet and makes me happy. My little 5 year old niece will make me tear up all the time.

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@firemonkey @SurprisedJ - I think there is a fine line between inappropriate affect and nervous laugh?
I do not to do this all of the time, so it might be a nervous laugh for me, you are right @firemonkey.
I really do not know the difference between both. Its just that sometimes, not all of the time I will laugh a bit at bad news. It is very frustrating and I feel bad for doing so

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Do not tell a pdoc they should dress up a little more.


My hubby stares at me, walks away when I’m still talking and laughs inappropriately. Yes that can be annoying :wink:

I talk to myself a lot even in public. Usually thankful that people don’t pay much attention :blush:

Smelling bread in a bakery… That might actually be acceptable. Yesterday I smelled a cantaloupe to check for freshness.

Cool list :thumbsup:



I will do the first two things on your list if the person is someone who drives me up the wall.

Some people I just have to walk away from. Usually girls who go with me for lunch and then ask stuff like; “Ugh, does all the sushi have fish in it?” I have to walk away.

Many time’s I will shout out, “Oh look a meter maid. I have to go move my car.” Then I will drive home.

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I go on walks at 2 a.m. for many reasons, and I do talk to myself, and I do laugh loudly and sometimes even cry while I am out on these walks.

Upon returning home I am emotionally spent and very tired and ready to go to sleep.


…mmmmm…those are good ones…your friend isn’t jessica simpson is she, or is your friend just channeling her ’ genius ‘…( " do buffalos’ have wings !?!" ).
a tourist in england once remarked " why would you put an ancient castle next to a railway line ? ".
oh… the genius of the human race…!?!
take care

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no ■■■■■ jokes with other peoples wives or girlfriends. They dont want to hear about what type of sword you have. JK i dont do that

no smoking cigarettes in non smokers faces, srsly

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