I can't stop smiling and laughing

I’m in a funeral and I can’t wipe off the smile on my face, I can’t stop laughing and cracking jokes, I feel happy and I should be feeling sorry for the family we went to…do you experience that too in funerals?

My head is cross wired and I have ended up laughing at wrong times.

What you said also reminded me of “The giggle loop” on the comedy show Coupling it was about stress at a funeral and laughing due as a stress break.

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I think it’s called inappropriate emotional response. A coping mechanism for stressful or uncomfortable situations. It’s like laughing when you see someone fall down even though you don’t mean to.

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I was the exactly same way when my grandmother died. :cold_sweat:

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I havent been to a funeral since I was little…but I do laugh at things that cross my mind, I think it might be related to my scz, because I dont remember doing that as often before I became schizophrenic. I also make a lot of jokes while working out sometimes. I know it’s not mania, my sis has bipolar and my behavior is nothing near manic or even hypomanic. My preworkout drink just give me lots of energy (they’re all named after explosives, after all…mine is called “C4 extreme”)

But if I dont have coffee in the morning, literally nothing happens that day…


Well, when I got the message that my secret sweetheart had died I felt like I lost a part of me…
That’s when the schiz hit and half of my face was jerking into an evil smile. I hated life for a moment. She went crazy before me, she opened my mind up to the fragile line normal people walk between sanity and insanity and yet I loved her like no other…

She ended up killing herself after her parents sent her to a mental hospital. When I first started showing symptoms of sz I used to ask her about it and she knew what I was talking about, and that was before I knew what sz even was…

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If you’re at a funeral and start smiling or laughing you need to leave. That is the height of disrespect and there is zero excuse. You might do it because of your illness, but your illness isn’t making you stay.

Honestly, if you were at a family member of mine’s funeral and did that, you’d lose some teeth.


You know this isn’t in my control, actually it went well today, I had the the family get to laugh a little, don’t even think that if someone laughs in a funeral and has sz can really control it, I may feel sorry I may not but this isn’t something I can control…all sz do that even if they didn’t notice, especially when they are under psychological pressure. And you know this is weird, I had some of my relatives there as well and one of them wanted to crack jokes out loud, we had to stop her before making a disaster LOL, she’s not sz though.

Before i was put on med, i would smile during sad times, i was very humorous person, my mind would always invent funny ideas at a wrong time and place, i had meaningful deep thoughts, basically my brain would think none stop 24/7, when i started using suppliments i get my thoughts under control.

laughing during sad moments can be one of the symptoms someone with schizophrenia may experience. its called inappropriate affect. Its not your fault, I would excuse myself from the funeral so not to offend anyone. But do not be too hard on yourself - maybe talk to your doctor about it.

Modern day funerals are not nearly as somber as they used to be. I think it is because all the mourning was considered so selfish on the part of the mourners. The person who died got what he wanted and the funeral should be a celebration of that.

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I started laughing when my psychologist asked me if I was suicidal, I was in hospital at that moment because of a SI-attempt. She was very angry with me.

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i think it is disrespectful , i know you can’t help it, but it is best to remove yourself from those types of situations so you do not offend people, because they do not understand you.
i don’t do funerals , weddings , parties anything with many people i do not know, never have, never will.
take care

I know I have a cross wired head and when I’m sad I can hear that laugh start to happen. It’s not my normal laugh. It’s this sort of shallow odd laugh. I feel sad, I am upset, I can taste the tears climbing my throat, but then that laugh comes out. My Dad had a minor heart attack a few years ago. He’s recovered, but I ended up laughing my butt off at his bed side. I had to leave. I got so mad at myself for not being able to stop it. There was nothing funny about it, I was very scared. But that cross-wired laugh still happened. But I’m lucky in that my family knows the difference between my real laugh and that cross wired thing that oozes out of my head.

At the same time, my eyes will water when something happy occurs. It’s all cross wired up there.

I am beginning to think that inappropriate response is not specifically SZ. My sis has left a funeral to go laugh in the car. When she is scared or hurt, she becomes a little stand up comic. (Sort of hyper and manic.) I remember she put on an amazing one person stand up in an ER waiting room when her leg got gashed during a surf trip.

It’s interesting how the brain processes grief and fear.

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Thank you for sharing this, I do think that this inappropriate response isn’t also in sz, I’ve been to a number of funerals and I’ve seen that people deal with stress and sadness in a very weird way.

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