Important social etiquette and life skills

handy ’ sith ’ hints…

  1. do not stare at people…they don’t like it !?! :grin:
  2. don’t mumble and rock in public…
  3. always put a beanie over your tinfoil hat… :tophat:
  4. good idea to change ones underwear occasionaly !?!
  5. no one can hear the dog talking to you :dog: or the cat :cat: or the bird :bird: !??!!
  6. remember not everyone can see your demons… :imp:
  7. don’t dismantle other peoples phones/laptops :iphone: …they don’t like it !?!
  8. you can walk on the cracks in the pavement !!
  9. the waitress is not trying to poison you…your coffee is safe :coffee: !!?
  10. the black car behind you …is not MI5…nor is the red car :car: or the white one !!!
  11. the newspaper headlines are not a secret code…just for us ???
  12. the postman has not put a :bomb: bomb in the post box :boom:

feel free to add people of earth :earth_americas:

take care :alien:


This made me smile :slight_smile: I especially laughed at the car one because black and white cars always freak me out because I feel like it’s some secret agency keeping tabs on me, whoops.


Don’t scare people!
Every moment is not life and death.
Boredom is good! It beats racing thoughts and constant crisis!


The only one I disagree with is stepping on cracks. In my part of the world, I was taught at an early age: “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back”!

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Lol! I dismantled a laptop…once. The thing was like a Chinese puzzle.

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Uhh, well, yeah, but…

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  1. Don’t drink the bong water.



I can especially relate to the " stepping on cracks " one.

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This is a big issue for me :confused:


I occasionally wonder if drink/food has been tainted but it’s not a big issue for me . Have been a few times when I’ve started to eat something thought “something’s not right here” and chucked it in the bin,

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  1. Don’t walk down the street naked with your guitar and with only a pink helium balloon tied to your little dinky.

Believe it or not, I almost did that!


Big cities are sort of funny…

If you just walk down the street naked… there’s something wrong with you…

But if you walk down the street naked with a GUITAR… your an artist. (but only in the artist dist…don’t go to the financial dist.)

  1. the dentist is not implanting a tracking device in your jaw. It’s just Novocain.
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Lol thanks for this post.

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This was funny and made me feel understood and like I belong here.
take care

  1. No one will murder you if you forget to lock the door

(I get freaked out about this)

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