Inappropriate behavior

Do you display inappropriate behavior during psychosis? I do, and I lose people because of it. It’s sad.

Last psychosis I started texting this girl all kind of weird stuff and thought I could set up another girl with a guy because so thought it was meant to be.

I sometimes sent death threats to this acquaintance that used to treat me like ■■■■… but it’s because I am psychotic.

I say inappropriate stuff and make inappropriate comments.

How about you?


I have before in the past when I was psychotic, but that was a long time ago.

when i was in the hospital for psychosis, and nurses were mnitoring me, i was full on psychotic at this point. i was involved in some sort of ‘spiritual’ game/challenge game where i had to do different tasks they set me to see if i qualify for something particular. like to do with my parents church/movement.

anyways, i remember one of the challenges was to hug the nurses and make them like me, platonically maybe even sexually i cant remeber now, from my hugs…i did do it the hugging, but it was so awkward lol, even as someone who was psychotic, the pressure was immenese. im not sure if i was already told that i will go to hell if i dont qualify, at this point

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I also have been in public and the voices would say things like “if you see an (African American) you’re going to called him/her a (N word)”. That’s hard on me too. I worry about that too. Especially cos I have biracial cousins.


Not much. I keep it inside. Although when I was first in the hospital this last time I yelled at the people behind the desk saying that I had to be transferred because I was heterosexual. I’m not homophobic or anything but it stemmed from the last time I was there. Everybody was telling me they were there because they were gay in my mind and this one guy said he was the only straight person on the ward. There was another unit you could see from ours and that was where I was supposed to be apparently. That was the only innopropriate actions I’ve displayed. Though when I was hanging out with one of my old high school friends years ago I blacked out on DABs (a THC concentrate) and talked to them about something like universal love and made a fool of myself. I also wnt out drinking by myself and ordered too many kinds of different drinks making a fool of myself which was unusual for me in my drinking days i rarely made a fool of myself. I also told the bartender that I didn’t watch sports and she was like “Well it’s our culture”. Bah. I don’t know.

I do when psychotic as well. I insulted my best friend bcz he told me to get on meds bcz I make nonsense. I lost all my presz friends. I made a few new friends after sz when I was on Abilify but now I just talk to 1 daily and another one occasionally.

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