Please don’t judge me

So I saw a psychiatrist the other day and she didn’t believe I had psychosis because I didn’t “act” psychotic.
Which makes me confused. Do you have to behave psychotically if you have psychosis?
Probably a dumb question, sorry, I’m just still new to all of this. I thought I had psychosis??? Ive been told by other therapists and doctors that I do…


No need for crazy behaviour. Maybe it’s not obvious. But usually a crazy mind makes crazy behavior

Even now that my symptoms are getting better I do “weird” things sometimes. With that being said, I dont think there is a set way to act with psychosis. I do think some people are more obvious than others.

If you dont mind sharing what are your symptoms? I was easy to see because I broke off contact with almost all of my social circles. Cognitively speaking it would take me a while to get a full sentance out. There were a couple of other things that showed for me.

@marooned, Was your diagnosis changed because of it? Were your AP meds discontinued? I wouldn’t worry about it if none of this occurred. I’m sure you still need your meds to stay non psychotic.

That is better than not being psychotic and being accused of being psychotic and then being put on some med that does make you psychotic.

So, why do you think you have psychosis?

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