Anyone ever do embarrassing ass stuff when slightly psychotic?

Like messaging people randomly about ridiculous stuff like being abducted…
My friend said not to apologize for stuff I can’t control but stilllll.

Btw: things are going well. I have friends in my archery group and other groups. In school I am trying my best to go strong :slight_smile: !


It’s so good to hear from you, @sharp!

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Ah god don’t get me started :flushed:

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Yeah i have posted heaps of stuff on facebook when psychotic… oh well

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Stripped down in the middle of a bridge. Still had underwear on when the police got me :ghost:


I drove to the police station went inside and sat down with two cops to try to explain how my ex girlfriend was in the Russian Mafia and her ex boyfriend was having me followed. They entertained me for about two minutes before taking my identification and then calling my family to tell them I was acting paranoid.


I just have my brief moments of “someone is sabotaging me!” Like when I got scabies, and my immediate thoughts were that my roommates had basically poisoned my shampoo with allergens or something else and were trying to kill me with it. I’ve also panicked because I saw a guy who looked like a shadow person walking towards me. I felt so bad for him. I probably made the guy feel like a creep.

There was also the time I asked someone if there was music playing. They got REALLY quiet and then told me “no, it’s just you.”

Sure have my wife eventually took my phone away . Then I have to go over to my neighbor to ask if they will call 911 for me when I’m in the middle of a delusion :joy:

Oh boy XD Sounds like an adventure

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Back in 1998 when I knew that I had sz and then depressed, I had my international mailing list of few thousand people, what I did was not so good, I started emailing them, few thousand people around the world, all kinds of depressive stuff …

The things I did… caused real havoc. My ex-husband actually worked for the military and I was convinced he was conducting espionage and I caused him such trouble.

I wasted hours and hours of Verizon employee’s time because I was certain my messages were being erased and rearranged right before my eyes.

I am pretty isolated now because my bizarre behavior and delusions caused me to say devasting things to friends and family. Many delusions have a little bit of truth in them.

The things I thought and did! It’s hard to live with. And the psychosis was so traumatic and easily recallable compared to most of my past that I am haunted sometimes.

I understand you, what I did with my email list in 1999 was not really so good, I also started emailing that every high-tech company had the CIA agents and stuff like that, not only I emailed to this email list, but then I emailed to very many embassies and consulates around the world, it was not so good, well it happened already 18 years ago …

sending weird messages to friends about my paranoia and delusions… picking fights with people cos i confused it with voices / commentary hallucinations… screaming in the train…

I tore apart my entire house ripping down wall board and ceilings trying to find the people i was sure were living inside them to spy on me. Still havent finished fixing everything yet.

Also ruined lifelong friendships and isolated myself in paranoia and embarrassment over it. I become untrusting and sure that everyone is plotting to decieve me or make me feel like im crazy when psychotic. Just started trying to repair those relationships i damaged almost 2 yrs ago during a major break. Explaining what and why i did things to people is embarrassing as hell but starting to become therapeutic the more open and excepting i become with my illness.

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I told my family I was Jesus reborn lol.
I thought people were trying to get me lol.
I said some pretty interesting things lol.
I have to laugh about it because otherwise then it’s really sad to think about it

one embarrassing thing while psychotic was arguing with my mom.

I told my brother that I had all the same characteristics as Jesus. What I was actually trying to tell him was that I was Jesus reborn from a secret blood lineage of Christ.
He tried to explain to me how his wife also sometimes read things from the bible and interpret it in her own way. I felt very self concious at the time. What I was actually hoping he would say was …Yes, yes!!you are the Messiah!! Fortunately he did not catch my drift and I do not think he realised what I was actually trying to convey to him. I sometimes feel so ashamed of the stuff I did.

Man I told like a lot of my family I was Jesus.
Man religion gets scary as ■■■■, when you misinterpret things.

I don’t know what would be scarier , the alien abduction delusion, ghost delusion, government delusion, or religious delusion …

I think the religious delusion is the scariest

Hmm I resent that…I’m perfect…Hmm cough cough…uh…um… yeah (gulp) perfect.


did I tell you of the time I almost kneeled in front of a friend who was in a relationship to propose marriage?

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