In my head I'm buzzing

Even though it’s not visible. I look fine. I think my manias are sometimes like that. Undetectable to others.


Me too I don’t show my problems I keep it all in. I may daze out for a min but I look an act normal. I don’t want this label.

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stay calm, breathe in…,

breathe out…

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Does anyone ever hear continuous counting in their head? How do you make it stop?

U have to consciously stop it yourself.

I don’t show my symptoms up to a point, but once I reach that point people are alarmed by me.

What do other people do to stop repetitive things in their head stop?:confused:

That’s the million dollar question

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Does anyone ever get mad at there neighbors and yell at them, when they annoy you?
One time I got angry and yelled on the porch! How do you control these rages of anger?

I always controlled my fits of anger by stuffing them. That works for a while, but then the anger comes out. I think the best thing to do is be assertive. Try to explain to others that what they’re doing is hard on you. If they don’t respond, at least you can tell the police that you talked to them nicely, and they wouldn’t listen.

I get the buzzing thing when i’m manic, @anon80629714. Its like i’m electric or something!

I look normal and carefree. Yet in my mind I am in constant turmoil and pain.

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maybe a fly got in there :joy::joy::joy:

That’s right get on the police man’s good side

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A little respect can go a long way with the police these days. One time my brother got caught going too fast in a speed zone. A cop saw him and pulled him over. My brother was real polite and called him sir. The cop charged him less on the ticket than my brother was actually driving. Some people don’t seem to understand that the cop has options on how much he can charge you for a ticket. If you’re disrespectful it can cost you a lot on your ticket.

What does it hurt to be courteous and polite? Even if the cop is a jerk, and it’s hard to do, it’s still better to treat the policeman with respect. Above all, don’t challenge the cop’s authority. That’s what sets them off.

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