In laws took advantage of us again

we were gone for some of the day dealing with my injection and my partner’s physical for her job and supposedly my mother in law was cleaning all day. good news is though the dogs got let out and fed while we were gone but the other animals didn’t. now i mopped and cleaned their bathroom my partner is cleaning the stairs and the dining room floor while i swept the kitchen and mopped but she wants to go over again on her hands and knees. they went out to eat probably. they always do on my father in law’s payday

How did they take advantage of you?

Before they left to go out for dinner they gave us chores to do and if u don’t do as they say they get pissy

Oh so they told you to do the chores. Do you help clean regularly?

They expect it of us because my inlaws are being taken advantage of by my mother in law’s brother’s family

That’s tough. But if you live there it kind of goes with the territory.

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