In 5-10 years, a move for me from Israel to Spain

I believe in 5-10 years I will be ready for a transfer.

Socially, I believe, my situation in Spain will be drastically better than in Israel.

Today, spent 6.5 hours at the health club, doing aerobic training, strength training, and going to sauna and jacuzzi.

Afterwards I went for a walk with my parents.


I think changing places and immigration is bad for schizophrenics.
it’s full of stress plus you should talk in another language.

maybe the idea of immigration is a delusion.

i got a book on rioja spain. it’s picturesque.

I wonder why your going to wait so long? in 5-10 years your thoughts will change

personally im also considering a move. if I had a good job here I would stay though.

Where can a schizophrenic emigrate to where he will be unmolested by doctors and other busybodies? Same as there were havens for junkies in the inter zones of long ago, there must be a placefor the certified insane…

Basically nowhere . If you go unmedicated and go doolally you’ll end up in psych hospital .

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I don’t think that’s a realistic expectation. Certainly not Canada.

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