Improvements with Animal M-STAK!

I just recently tried a bodybuilding supplement called Animal M-STAK because it has methoxyisoflavone in it and it’s one of the only sources left of it out there, the methoxyisoflavone miraculously cured me of a speech problem that I have and I have to take it. I tried it and to my surprise it had a dramatic effect on my negative symptoms! I can’t explain why exactly but it definently works. 30 daily doses cost around $30, it comes in little plastic bags of several pills each that you’re supposed to take together,The pills are color-coded and I would recommend taking them all except the red pill which contains caffiene and other stimulants. I can smile and laugh for the first time I can remember, it’s has had a dramatic effect on my negaitives. I’m taking it along with sarcosine and there seems to be a synergistic effect.

I am hypersensitive to certain meds and supplements.

That stuff sounds like it would send me to the ER or psych ward.

Stimulating drugs are a big NO NO for me - I would become intensely Manic!

don’t these things make you gain weight? I tried a supplement with a lifting program, I gained two pounds in a week. Stopped immediately.

Meh, I was never a fan of the Animal brand of supplements. I used a lot of Optimum Nutrition products in my youth. Currently taking nothing, but I will be on a fat burner next year at some point.

I used to take animal packs years ago. So many vitamins :slight_smile:

Sounds like the effect might be psychosomatic - it doesn’t even help in the things its supposed to help in, so it seems unlikely its going to be helpful in schizophrenia:


No significant differences (p > 0.05) were observed in training adaptations among groups in the variables FFM, percent body fat, bench press 1 RM, leg press 1 RM or sprint peak power. Anabolic/catabolic analysis revealed no significant differences among groups in active testosterone (AT), free testosterone (FT), cortisol, the AT to cortisol ratio, urea nitrogen, creatinine, the blood urea nitrogen to creatinine ratio. In addition, no significant differences were seen from pre to post supplementation and/or training in AT, FT, or cortisol."