What steroid would a doc prescribe for a muscle wasting illness

Any ideas which steroids doctors use for muscle wasting conditions ?


What is the name of your condition? I can only help with google.

I have looked all over the place for info but I can’t find anything about, sorry I’m not willing to discuss it not being rude or anything just quite personal

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You might want to try something called methoxyisoflavone, it’s an experimental drug and bodybuilding supplement. Doctors have be prescribing it to cancer patients to prevent muscle wasting while they’re in the hospital, it’s available in a ton of different products online, you don’t need a prescription and it’s completely harmless. There are no side effects and you will put on an average of 10 lbs of muscle mass taking it for a month.

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Antipsychotics are muscle wasting, you can exercise and eat what you like, you won’t notice any progress!! Thanks for the substance, seems interesting, going to have a look into it!