"My Trial with Supplements for Schizophrenia"

Folks - you might find this person’s experiments with supplements for schizophrenia of interest. The person has done a very good job of documenting everything that he or she tried and the results. Of course - everyone’s results will likely vary from this but its interesting to look at the list:

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the persons supplement regime seemed absurd…even irrational…
do we know he had a stable personailty ?
a stable relationship ?
a healthy diet ?
did they exercise ?
did they do recreational drugs ?
drink alcohol ?

i have been sz since probably 2/4 years old…
now 48…
did meds for less than 6 months…no help at all.

my clinical psychologist says i am much better off than those who have done meds…because i learnt coping mechanisms and i have done it through natural healthy ways…which included supplements.

psychiatrists are basically dealing with ’ fear ’ produced by the brain.

medication works for some…
but if it was the ’ magic ’ bullet…we would be all cured…we are not.

brain training early in life
social skill training
healthy lifestyle and environment
psychiatrists not telling sz that we should be scared…
and understanding…

my psychiatrist is very smart…
but when i first met her and told her how i was treated the first time by a shrink…
she shook her head…and said " we don’t do that anymore "

shrinks do not understand the illness…otherwise again we would be cured…we are not.

this article hit a raw nerve with me…
it seems to me it is ’ supplement bashing…and pushing a ’ med ’ regime ’

take care :alien:


All I know is it took me 5 crashes over a decade to realize I need these damn meds. I don’t like them, but I do need them. I’m resigned to that fact.

My PDoc likens it to just taking an aspirin a day except it’s Abilify and it’s for my brain.



lol that’s hilarious.


I think the person is just bashing supplements. I mean some of them did work for him/her.

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also he stated at the top that a ’ long trial ’ was a month or more…what the !?!
how is that a long trial ?
slightly one sided…and miss information…
clinical trials in the field can go up to a year or more.
i am certainly not med bashing…some people need meds…and it helps them…
but to say there is not another way is unfair…and insulting.
take care :alien:


I agree. It’s like the guy drank some Orange Tang for a few weeks…then wrote his thesis.


good one :smiley:
take care :alien:

Thank you sith. Amen to that.
There’s more than one way to treat a mental illness

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