Impact of aging on schizophrenia

I went insane in year 2015 literally overnight. It started with severe hallucinations that developed into delusions. In the span of 2015-2016 it culminated with severe anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts. Since then positive symptoms were only reducing. Negative symptoms remained roughly the same. I never took any medication or was under professional attention since schizophrenia. The most I did is grounding exercises, prayer and consumption of tulsi tea.

In other words, positive symptoms of my schizophrenia got better with age on their own. And I know they got better because I actually started to miss certain elements, hon-hon.

Does age improve the situation for everyone? How common are severe relapses?


i have gotten a lot better as i have aged, think the illness has burned itself out, no positive symptoms, just left withe the negative symptoms!


I’m old and have come to grips with the illness. I don’t know if my symptoms have decreased. I still have auditory hallucinations occasionally. My remedy is to continually take my medication. I am more experienced with dealing with my illness now. However, I don’t think my symptoms have changed. If anything without medication, I’m as insane as the Joker still. I wish my symptoms mellowed with age. They have not.


I’m in my early 50’s and I have noticed that my positive symptoms have decreased but the negative symptoms still remain. I’m still taking my meds Wich I will probably do for the rest of my life.


thank you for this post. I had min first episode when I was 20. Im 32. Hoping to get better soon.

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For me they seem to have gotten worse.

I’m 61 years old. Without meds, I’m as crazy as the next person around here. But with meds, I’m in remission of my positive symptoms and left only with negative and cognitive symptoms.

I feel that my sza has most definitely improved with age.


are you on meds?

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I think for many of us our positive symptoms get less over time, and cognitive/negative symptoms become dominant. I’m 64 . My positive symptoms are nothing like they were in my 20s and 30s. I’m now regarded as being partially in remission. There’s some rather entrenched paranoia around people getting into my flat at night, and functional hallucinations.

Negative symptoms will be explored this October. Possible negative symptoms are lack of drive and emotional flatness.

Like a lot of people my age there’s as much a need for social care as there is a need for medication( though medication is still important) . Due to an ongoing social care crisis in the UK this can be very dependent on having good family/stepfamily in your corner advocating for you.

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Yes I am. 151515

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Ive been schizophrenic for 9 or 10 years now. Its definitely gotten better in the last 3 years since i got on vraylar.

I think my dad’s symptoms have calmed, but he’s on a lot of medication. As time has gone on, it’s all worn him away :disappointed: I wish he could reduce his meds, he still seems to have negative symptoms though

At least positive symptoms have a chance to reduce. I wonder what does make a difference exactly.

As I have taken psychology courses since my first psychotic episode, I have learned more about schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. I am able to reflect on my own experience and what I’ve learned.

Did you take drugs that caused your schizophrenia?how long were you on medicine for

I’m 76. I was 26 when I first was diagnosed. I have no positive symptoms to speak of. I try to find a little excitement in life, but not too much. That helps the negative symptoms. I am amazed how my mind is discovering life in a way that was neglected as a child. I’m alive, I can eat, I can speak, etc.

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I was squeaky clean before schizophrenia. No alcohol, no meat, no cigarettes, no girls for at least five years straight before first episode. I was an acolyte.

I started to drink two years into schizophrenia.

I never took any medicine.

Ive had sza since i was 7 i think i can trace my symptoms back to then at least. Im 28 now and it gets worse with each episode

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I’m nearly 62 now and started having symptoms when I was 30 or so. Last summer I switched to Abilify and my pdoc gave me 5mg of it. My symptoms came back close to what they were when I was 30. I’m now on 15mg and rational again. So I would say without medication my symptoms haven’t gotten any better with age.

I’m pretty sure that without meds, my positive symptoms would be worse than when I was young. So, no, without meds, my sza has not improved with age. But with meds it definitely has!