Does schizophrenia get better as you age?

Hey guys, from a personal point of view my illness has improved as i age, i am 46 now and i have been dealing with this from age 20 years of age, thoughts?


It’s reached a plateau for me. I was diagnosed about 12 years ago.

I seem to have hit a brick wall in my recovery.

I’m slowly giving up on any major improvements.

I think it can. Sometimes I think it has with me. I’ve lost a lot of the desperation I felt when I was young.

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for me it doesn’t seem to get better… i’m like stuck with how things are now and they don’t seem to get worse as long as i take my meds but they don’t get worse either…

Some schizophrenics do notice their symptoms get milder as they age.

I know mine have as I just reached middle age.

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I think I’ve gotten more used to dealing with it

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I don’t know that it’s actually gotten better, I’m still pretty young, though. But it’s easier to deal with because my insight and experience with handling it has grown.

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I think my positives have declined as I’ve aged.


I’m almost 61 and all my positives have vastly improved as I’ve aged. My cognitives have gotten way worse. My negatives are mixed reviews.

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The voices age like a fine wine when you stay on the meds and you can forget why you fought them in the first place. Unfortunately the other symptoms get worse.

My positives went away.

I was told a long time ago by one of my psychiatrists, and this is just a trend, not a hard and fast rule, that when it comes to schizophrenia men tend to improve once they hit their 40’s and women tend to get worse once they hit their 40’s.

Again this is a trend.

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O got way worse at around age 40, was a nasty time, on meds I do better but becoming very forgetful as i age

I got worse as time went on.

About the same with me @SkinnyMe . I’m 66.

It gets easier as you age. There isn’t this struggle to accomplish social and professional goals. Getting better just means taking it easy on yourself and doing the best you can.

As long as I’m on my AP my positives remain low.
My negatives have worsened as I’m aging.

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Hm. Less ‘it gets better’ than ‘I get better’ in my case.

I’m going into my 50s and I have a lot less positives, and I’m better at recognizing prodromal symptoms and have better coping strategies.

The negatives are starting to get me down tho. That’s what brought me here.


Doesn’t get better in the same way Parkinson only gets worse as time goes by

I was first diagnosed with schizophrenia almost 40 years ago. Treatments, meds, and even hospitals have gotten a lot better over the years. In this respect things are easier, but I figure that is not what you mean. Personally, I don’t think the actual disease changes much. It’s the way in which I have learned to deal with the symptoms that have changed. After all, with 40 years of therapy, and many hospitalizations, I have put together a pretty good tool belt of coping skills. The only advice I have for those recently diagnosed is to find a good therapist. Medications help, but, in my opinion, they are not enough. Medications should be used to settle your mind enough for therapy to have a chance to work.
So, along with a good psychiatrist get a good therapist!