I'm writing a monologue - want to write it an hour long


i have a question about the structure… I am experimenting with putting all my best writing of the last 3 years together and make one monologue…

The thing i am trying is merging my two best bits of work with a lot of other bits and pieces.

So - is it too much of a stretch for a paranoid runaway who is vulnerable and crazy, begging and etc, then gets back into hospital, has a lot of delusions and falls in love with another patient and then finds herself turning into a spider for several minutes… (guess where the second spliced in monologue begins).

How does that read for a first 45 mins of an hour? (still working on it.) (long way to go, especially if the most recent 10 minutes can’t be spliced in


Could it be that i am just being lazy and should get on with some new writing for it?
It’s a pretty mad idea to stick all this together for me - i always had these two monologues very separate in my mind

■■■■ it…do it…might spark all new ideas…hell just do it to say you did it…

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Thanks - yes i think that’s okay :slight_smile: i’ve started to copy paste and will just get down to it = if it doesn’t work - scrap that bit, start again…


Thanks - I will read the whole thing aloud into my phone later…

I’m sure that if I find a good actor to read it - they might have more of a clue - whether it worked