Very angry with myself for thinking I could just breeze through good writing

Yet again i wrote dialogue in a void
Still without a crux of storyline and where it’s set and what actually happens
Got good layers of voice and monologue
Must go look at 5 act structure see if anything comes up


Just keep writing! It takes years of constant practice to become truly competent with any craft. It’s okay to start out rough, you’re still on your journey, just at the beginning of it.



Yeah writing is pretty tough.

It’s always best to make an outline… It’s almost like the best way to write is to make an outline, then review it, then go back to just pondering and adding more depth, then repeating that process until the outline is so developed that it is basically the piece of work itself.

If someone is going to write something they should be prepared to rewrite and reread porbably at least 10 to 15 times.

The outline serves as the central hub. It allows each writing session to have an immediate goal, while facilitating the likelihood of it all fitting together.

Also doing small bios of each character and their history can assure each one has been given a persona and depth.


What @velociraptor said. It took me years to finish my first novel and I’ve been slow to work on #2. Freelancing was easier, you were assigned a topic or chose on and that’s what you researched and wrote.

Fiction is far harder. You have to make up the world. Screen or playwriting is tough because of the way you must format. I’ve written just one and it was for a 20 min children’s show. That was hard!


It can help to look in a book about creative writing. How to structure the piece you are about to write. But dont think that you have to do exactly as the book tells you to do - then it gets dull.

I often start a scene in a void, then enters a person, and a dialogue, after that i have structure the whole thing, make a storyline.

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I have a couple of fictional story ideas I keep fumbling with but it’s just a fantasy that I’ll ever do anything with them. Just today I was looking at a local university program that would force me to get one of them turned into a novel but I lack motivation and find fiction writing tedious. No doubt it’s hard work but the creative thinking is fun.

I wrote for theatre for 5 years, off and on,

Had a few scratch night performances
And a short play on tour as part of a duo of plays
My full length play was rubbish and though it went into production it failed because I messed everything up

I’m just annoyed to read about the ‘rules’ all over again
And one day with a computer does not a full length play make

It’s been years since I wrote anything but poems

I tend to go front through middle to back

What you are doing there takes some planning skills
I wish I could do that… maybe I need to here
Especially since I want to draw in previous work

That’s cool,
Good luck with number 2
I’m kind of starting number 2 here myself with one full length play behind me

Yea I don’t even know if it should be a tragedy
Thank you
It’s a tragedy I’ve been looking at it wrong

It’s all good! I’ve come back to photography after a four year hiatus, really. Spent the first week relearning my camera. Then I was re-learning Photoshop. Now I’ve discovered that Lightroom has changed and grown so much that I’m doing a lot in it! I’m still trying to redevelop my eye, it’s not coming back overnight.

Well done you for picking up where you left off. It’s sad how many people just give up and walk away.

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