I'm working with idiots

So I’m working on a old car. It’s a 1958. Chevy biscayne With a inline 235 engine. The car was not starting. And there was no spark to the spark plugs. After messing with it. Checking the whole distributor points condenser dwell. Including the corrosion. I got It to Run. After spending 4 and a 1/2 hours on it. Only to discover. That the person I had starting it. Failed to tell me the Generator light was on. I did a voltage test and discovered. That it was needing rebuilt. Tomorrow’s task is to pull it and have it rebuilt. The next job on this car. Was on the brakes. The master Cylinder. Internal rubbers were worn out. So I bought a whole new one. Knowing this job will be a nightmare. Usually, other parts are worn out at the same time. Have bleeder screws, do not exactly come loose easy. And I have to trust this person with helping me. So that’s what I’ve been doing with my time. I hope you find it constructive for a schizophrenic. To have a life.


I think it’s cool that you know so much about cars. You’re a man of many talents!



may i ask what colour ?

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I used to fix up cars when I was younger

Really enjoyed it!

Understand many functions of the different components

However I know someone who charges reasonable prices, so I pay to get things fixed now

Don’t really have many mechanics tools anymore

Have some spanner’s and ratchet sets but only basics

Was thinking before all these high costs were coming through of hiring a garage or some land, but too expensive now


The car is colored a salmon pink. It has duck tail. Interior


Today’s work on the old car. Was to pull out and have the old generator repaired. Along with the alternator tested. Which I did. The owner requested to ride along with me to find out what they had found out about the generator. Which I knew was a mad mistake. Shop shops like this. Are usually back logged and take time. So I took this person to the shop with the generator and drop the generator off. And I suspected they said it would take time to check it out. So later this week I’ll be putting it in. And hope to have some pictures for you all.

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