Blehhhhh I hate fixing cars ☹️

So I’ve poured about 1500 in my Fiat just to keep it running
Now my struts are going out and the check engine light is coming on again
Im broke till payday soooo that means I can’t do anything except go to work this coming week
Staying home is proven harder than I thought so far

Have you ever been stuck in a jam where you cant afford to keep or get rid of yer car?
What kind of car do you drive?

I’m in a rut not because of a car. I have 330 dollars left I have to pay phone, car insurance and light bill but also need food. What do I give up?

I have a small pickup truck thats had its share of problems. There 312,000 kms on it , i think thats around 170,000 miles or so.

My brother is a mechanic tho so hes helped me out a lot.

You can buy a code checker for the obdII port to see why the check engine light is on.

The one i have is called bluedriver

I would say pay phone bill later
Or maybe you can get an Obama free phone for just in case

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How do I do that?

Well you kinda have to be in the right place at the right time
They have little stands for free phones scattered around the city here, maybe you can find one :thinking:

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I bought a car that had Scotty kilmer’s badge of approval.

My Obama free phone was a piece of crap. It never worked the same way twice and the keyboard keys were way too small. I got it at one of those stands.
Instead, I got a good phone that was made especially for seniors. Easy to operate and all the letters and numbers were larger than usual. It cost $75 on Amazon. Called a “Jitterbug”. But you have to subscribe to their phone service. It’s nothing fancy but it’s dependable and gets the internet.

I’ve put a few thousand into my car over a period of ten years. My stepmom helped out a little bit monetarily. I’ve had cars in the past that took all my money to fix.

Whenever I have a car issue, I expect to just open the hood and put the little snowman’s hat back on his head…then my car will run fine again.

Cars are money pits especially when they get older. I’ve a 2004/5 kia and it’s getting to the end. Just do the minimums like oil/tyres/basic mechanics and keep it going. I’ve a friend who’se good with cars and he helps me out. I help him with computers which he’s not good at so we trade off our skills…

Still. You pay for the freedom a car gives you. Over here I have to take trains and refuse to take buses. Public transport if you have it isn’t so fun.


Most of my newer cars have warranties because I can’t afford to fix them.

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