Today's update

So I waited until my Dad came home to look at what I was having trouble with and he had the same problem. Bolts are acting as if the are too big on the upper lateral arm. So we got the lower lateral arm on and the serpentine belt on; started on putting the radiator back.

Sorry guys I haven’t been producing the funny things of the day as early as I used to but I wake up and work on this car all day so I don’t have much time but I will be bringing them every day or almost every day because I think that’s a fun thing to do.


I’ve missed something while I was gone. Why are you working on a car?

It’s mine and it’s broken.

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I used to work on my cars, but I never enjoyed as much as some people did. It seems like every time I did something like take off a carborator or put a new one on, or take a starter off, or a solanoid, or something there would always be that one bolt that was in an impossible place and hard to get to and take off. It would take a half hour to take off just one bolt. Yeah, I’ve pulled a few engines in my time. Did my own brakes once.

Yeah every time there is that one impossible bolt that you have to figure out how to reach. Luckily my Dad found a video on YouTube and we found out how to get to most of those pieces easily. Now putting the fudge packer back together is becoming a larger and harder job to do that taking it apart and replacing the broken parts.

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