Car is back in working order

A can of sea foam did the trick in unclogging the fuel injection after burning through a half tank of gas with the stuff in it.

New wheels on the way. Going to take it in today to get the knock sensor sorted out. Then finally that check engine light will be off.

Had a good country cruise last night. There were a few clear patches in the fog and some straight-aways. She’s highway worthy again.


You’re a man of all trades !

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I miss driving through the country at night. I’d say I don’t miss being that alone but I’m nearly as alone as I was then.

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Yeah man it was fun. I’m going to lay off driving until I get the new wheels.

These are the ones I went with… Just 15 in… same as the stock dimensions.

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If I get some of the other things in my life up to snuff… or once I do… I might get slotted and drilled rotors with performance pads and paint the brake shoe… also have some mud flaps to throw on there.

That’ll only be a couple hundred dollars and I could probably get a shop to do the labor for pretty cheap.

I’ve changed brake pads before but its a bitch to get the pistons pushed back. I’m sure the mechanics have a special tool that does it.

C Clamp…?

Could be… Actually thats a good idea. Just need one with a large enough surface area to hit all the pistons at once. The fluid in there is tough to work with and if you don’t get them even then it’s just more work.

I’ll have to look into getting one of those when the time comes.

A vice grip… That’s what I was told they were called. Had forgotten about them.

what kind of car are you working on? not all pistons are the same…like my corvette has a turn piston but my chevy truck dose not .

Lexus es 300 1999.

Haven’t looked at the brakes yet so I’m not sure.

Hey it’s got it’s ups and downs. I trust you’ll figure it out.