Today? Sunshine and Elbow Grease

I heard @77nick77 had a good day today so I think I will share my good day. I continued working on my car since I ate breakfast this morning. I got it mostly taken apart now and I will be ready to put the new parts in tomorrow. So much sun today and it wasn’t hot or anything. Took my shirt off and started a tan. Going to do that again tomorrow and get some of the vitamins I missed out on last summer.


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Whats that suppose to mean!? :joy:

It means you’re special.

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What kind of car you got?

2001 Pt cruiser

I have a 2012 Volkswagon Jetta. I stopped working on cars a long time ago.

I’m no good at working on cars. But with the internet I can find whatever I have to do to make it work. This PT Cruiser though is a big pain ever since I got it.

What’s the work, you are doing on it?

I’m replacing the power steering pump, the timing belt, and the water pump.

Well, you’ll be saving money on mechanic bills.

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Yeah me and my Dad always work on our own cars. We hate mechanics for that reason and also because they tend to do bad jobs in my experience.

I’ve had trouble with mechanics in the past. Sometimes I would think that they were doing un-necessary repairs to get more money from me or charging me too much on repairs. But about 6 years ago my sister found a good mechanic and I started going there for repairs and now it’s been six years and I trust him and I have no complaints for the most part.

Sometimes he does things like putting in new bulbs for free. About three years I got in a minor accident that was the other guys fault. He backed into me and dented my front hood. The other guys insurance company had me get estimates from three different mechanics so they could pay my damages.

So I got the estimates and they cut me a check for about $600.00 for a new hood. I took it to my mechanic and instead of installing a new hood he pounded out the dent perfectly and charged me only a $150.00. I got to keep the rest of the insurance money. It was perfectly legal to do this by the way.

Christmas was coming up and as a thank-you I sent him a big box of Omaha Steaks. He called me and thanked me very nicely. Good mechanic and a nice guy.

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Pics or it didn’t happen.

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the first one to like this.

I’m afraid to like it now! Spotlight, spotlight.

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Yeah well maybe there will be pics maybe there won’t. What’s in it for me?

Guaranteed like from @Samp :joy_cat:


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