I'm upsetbout my life

I can’t find any comfort out of life anymore. My bits of good feelings lead me to mental sickness. I’m very sexually frustrated and awkwardly fitting in and out of relationships. A lot of dark shadows of people’s voices are occurring while I’m in bed. I’m also fearful of moving on my own next week.( The most angry voice stopped suddenly. ) I’m also fearful of having a roommate … It’s very hard for me to get on well with people and stay in belief that Things are going well. I’m always paranoid. my cynicism has been heightened lately as well. I’m also having obsessive online shopping issues. I shop and eat to cope. Those paired with sex with my man are my biggest bringers of happiness. Things feel too good to be true for me

It’s never easy with a mental illness but it’s worth doing. Get your symptoms under control and keep your stress down. Sounds like your moving and that is stressfull. Stress really isn’t good for schizoprhenia. It increases your symtpoms and that isn’t the best.

Hang in there…things will get better!


Thank you. I’ll try to keep my stress levels under control. Symptoms are flaring. I feel like crying.


Moving alone paired with relationship stuff is stressful. I keep ending up dating men that have children and i can’t handle thinking about being a part of their lives. I’m too immature. This is all sad and stressful.

Well, I am not saying this is some kind of scientific fact or anything-

I noticed some people get very stressed out about moving on this site.

Before, during amd up to a month after a move, some experience and increase or reccurrence of some symptoms.

After about a months time passes in the nee place then poof. The symptoms decrease or leave.

I guess many of us are just slow adjusters.

Better late than never I suppose.

Best of luck to you

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