I'm thoroughly convinced

That a physical world doesn’t exist. I don’t see how it’s possible, there’s really nothing, i dont see how something physical in a concrete sense could just pop into existence.

No, what i’m experiencing is something else, and for u, well that’s up to u to decide.

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during my psychosis i felt everything around me was wet and humid and had weird delusions of large insects. =(
It did feel surreal until I became a lot more stable.

This baffles me as well. I don’t understand this place at all.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter thought is what I tell myself. I play with the hands I was dealt. And even if reality wasn’t reality, it is MY reality. If I’m understanding your post correctly…

Thing is, it’s here and you can feel it through your senses, so it exists in some way. Like @Goyankees said, you have to play the cards you’re dealt.

When I got hit in the head with a rock it seemed pretty real.

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I used to read about physics (not anything mathematical, just theories and explanations, etc) I love physics because it’s a spiritual science at its heart. Things like the color spectrum in white light, and the solidity of an object being dependent upon the speed at which it’s atoms are moving, the question of gravity… As perplexing as the physical world is, especially for me in it’s being so temporary and pointless, like a child’s dollhouse, it still is very magical/spiritual at its roots. Combining physical and spiritual reality is the only way I can appreciate it all.

my old tdoc used to talk about how we create reality with our conscious. We think about it, therefore it is. It is an interesting concept to me. Perhaps that is true.
For me, though, I feel like human beings, on this earth, in ‘reality’ have created a fake Truman Show reality, within that same ‘reality’ for me to live in. That is a different concept altogether.

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